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weaning with allergies..

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daisychainsaws Mon 13-Jun-11 08:33:43

My DD is 7 months so we're early on in the weaning process. It started off really well, she's happy to eat pretty much anything put in front of her - she'll take food from a spoon and will feed herself. However, she had a pretty severe reaction to eggs, [requiring an a&e visit] and we're waiting for the test results to confirm it.

She also has eczema, and certain foods seem to make it worse, tomatoes definitely and I think maybe cows milk [eg cream, yoghurt etc].

I'm sort of now stuck on potatoes, meat and vegetables pretty much on their own. I really want to give her a variety of tastes, but I've run out of ideas. I also don't want to make her eczema worse as she scratches it and we then have to resort to hydracortisone [sp?] cream again which I don't want to have to keep using.

Anyone been through anything similar and can offer advice?

Kiwimumm Mon 13-Jun-11 13:26:38

My ds had excema from dairy (would vomit after having porridge with cows milk), so bad it covers his whole body and sometimes bleeds. He weaned himself off breast milk at 10 months (tho that even was only one small feed per day) so I was worried he was lacking in vital nutrients , but Doctor said he actually didnt need it, as long as he gets calcium from other food.

Just keep her away from the obvious foods you mentioned, and keep an eye on the excema. My ds excema and also a friends child had the same and both pretty much cleared in between the age of 1 and 2. Also warm weather can trigger it.
If it gets bad, use the cream but sparingly. It works wonders and altho it is probably not good to use long term, hopefully she will get better with age.
Have you tried cereal with soy milk? Or pumpkin, sweet potato, peas, fruits, sandwiches, different types of meats? Also soups etc, things that are different consistancies to give variety..

mum2twoloudbabies Wed 15-Jun-11 14:04:25

I could have written this post! My DS 7mos allergic to dairy, eggs and wheat (we also suspect tomato but not sure till tested)

We are using rice and pasta as carbs as well (wheat free for us of course on the pasta). Fish, my dd always liked river cobbler and it's bone free so even better.

I have just got some 'cheezly' to try a cheese sauce not sure how this will work out. Also, going to try tofu as it's calcium rich not sure what I'm going to do with it yet (there's one recipe in the Annabel Karmel book I've got so I'll probably start with that)

We are using oat milk for porridge as he can't stand the nutramigen milk that the dietician prescribed.

If you think she is allergic to dairy what is her milk at the moment? If you are breastfeeding have you tried cutting out dairy to see if that makes an improvement or have her switched to a specialist formula? DS eczema was dreadful and I cut dairy out at 4mos and his face improved within a few days and the rest of his body with 2-3 weeks. He still has some which is controlled by cetraben cream and occasionaly hydrocortisone. Hopefully once we identify all of his allergies this will clear up.

Hopefully your test results will also cover the dairy aspect and you have been referred to see a dietician.

Good luck - I have found it a minefield and my head is spinning constantly with it all but there are some great people on here with lots of experience.

greenbananas Wed 15-Jun-11 14:59:33

It's worth keeping a food diary, so that you can 'track' the effects of what she eats. If you're breastfeeding, include what you eat as well, because the proteins do pass through into your breastmilk.

Keep the antihistamine handy, just in case your DD does have a reaction. Also, this may sound silly, but don't give new foods for the first or second time when you are in your pyjamas or when you are expecting 6 people round for dinner(as I once did) - you don't want to be calling an ambulance and simultaneously trying to pull on your clothes / switch off the roast potatoes in case they burn the house down.

This whole weaning business can be scary, but try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know). My son is allergic to about a zillion things, but I have come to realise that there are still lots of things that he can eat. In any case, a limited diet is not terrible so long as it well balanced

Good luck.

P.S. - mum2twoloudbabies, I think Cheezly is not too bad at all (although ti does not actually taste like cheese), and Cheezly sauce is one of our staple foods, but the Cheezly does take a ridiculously long time to melt. The 'super-melting' stuff is quicker but doesn't taste so good. I use the 'mature-cheddar' style and add it (diced very, very small) to the sauce at the margarine and flour stage, then give it a quick stir to pre-melt it a bit before I add the soya milk. If your DD is okay with soya, don't even bother trying the soya-free stuff - it's revolting.

sagarika Wed 15-Jun-11 15:01:17

My boy's(8mo),is allergic to eggs,dairy and nuts. he has v bad eczema never goes away completely between flare still breastfeeding him so im on dietary restrictions.even I have noticed that sour foods like tomatoes seem to worsen his eczema.i have been using mild to mod potency steroid off and on since he was 3 mo.i am hoping he will grow out of his eczema after his far as his food is concerned im v careful and most meals are home cooked.i prepare his cereal with water.he also takes multivit I make sure that I breastfeed him after every u r not alone.if u are not breastfeeding than why dont u try soy milk or cow n gate/aptamil pepti.but do consult ur doctor before u try seems babies with cows milk allergy can also be allergic to soy.moreover u should use soy after the first year.hope its helpful. PS-I am planning to try homeopathy for his eczema as a last resort!

gingergaskell Wed 15-Jun-11 15:10:29

My son was like this.

In his first year he only ate: green veg, potatoes, rice, apple and banana.
He was on Neocate {a hydrolised formula} so all his nutrition needs were covered by that, 'solids' were just to experience textures and tastes etc.

Do you have other children? I found with my son, it wasn't too bad from his perspective, as he didn't know any differently. I found it really frustrating, but babies / kids like familiar repetitive foods.

These are really helpful for cooking with:
- Rice milk
- Dairy and soy free margarine {like the brand Pure}
- Herbs for flavour
For snacks I used:
- Plain {adult} rice cakes
- finger foods for vegetables
For meals try
- risottos
- stirfries

goshreally Wed 15-Jun-11 15:12:49

I know what you mean about running out of ideas. I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago and got brilliant advice. Optimum Nutrition for Babies and Young Children by Lucy Burney is a great book, full of ideas. Also this website and this one. They both have loads of recipes and a lot of info about nutrition.
My DS is allergic to wheat, eggs and dairy and has been on Aptamil Pepti since he was 6mo (now 12mo).
If you're still at an early stage of weaning, I wouldn't worry too much about it if your DD is still breastfed or drinking at least 20oz of formula.
About eczema: my DS had a terrible time with it, but it has gone now despite all his allergies. Our GP advised us to be brave with the h/c when it flared up, as it just gets worse if you're too cautious. A 1% preparation is quite mild, and can even be used on the face (with doc's advice!) with no ill effects. Once it's under control, you need to keep it in check with a really good moisturiser. I found that the stuff they prescribe is useless and you have to really lather it on several times a day. It was Baby Aveeno (the eczema range), which you can get from, recommended by loads of mners, which made all the difference. I can't rate it highly enough, even though it's so expensive it's like buying estee lauder or something (but i'll buy anything that will keep my pfb comfortable!).
Also, scratchsleeves are amazing as bedtime scratch mittens.
Hope this helps and that you get some good support from your GP -- it matters a lot and it's such a shame that allergies are not very well catered for in the nhs (and that so many older docs are in denial about it)

sagarika Wed 15-Jun-11 17:44:35

you are absolutely right goshreally. When i went to my gp with my ds's first symptoms of milk allergy (which I suspected), he had really terrible vomiting non stop for hours. the gp simply said, "dont even go there. he does not have allergy. he just didn't like the taste of that particular milk" and asked me to try another formula (when i was formula feeding him) after it happened twice i went private and then was told after skin prick test that he has dairy allegy apart from nuts and eggs. Now he is followed up at st marys allergy clinic under a very good consultant. sometimes you simply need to push these people.

i want to repeat again like a broken record that for children who have allergic tendencies, its better to prepare home cooked meals as the supermarket foods have loads of stuff in them and one cannot tell which ingredient might cause a reaction. the following food items are less allergy prone -peas, carrots, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans,sweet corn, broccoli, spinach,white fish like cod,and when a bit older red meat, chicken livers-good source of protein and iron. i try and avoid sour fruits. pears, peaches, bananas,ripe mangoes and papayas are good

daisychainsaws Wed 15-Jun-11 19:46:37

Thank you everyone - and particularly the links. I'll have a look at those properly.

We've had the tests back and the egg yolk / white allergies have been confirmed so definitely no eggs. The doctors recommendation was to not give her nuts, strawberries, fish or any of the other major allergens and that they'll do a raft of tests at 12 months to check her reactions. He said that she didn't really need much variety in her diet and that it's best to find out if she's allergic in a controlled way. So, meat, veg and potatoes it is!

I'm not so sure about dairy. I think - and I will try a little test - is that she'd been reacting to the strawberry yoghurt [one of the plum ones] so I'll go onto pure natural yoghurt and see how that goes.

One other thing, she does now have a big sore patch on her neck. Any tips on how to help that get better?

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