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Allergic to hormones?

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icecoldinalex Sat 11-Jun-11 18:13:21

A thread on AIBU got me thinking, and I wondered if anyone has come across anything similar.

My sister had awful hives when pregnant - they started at about 6 months and worsened. She was diagnosed with PUPPS.

The day after delivering, she had an episode of quasi-anaphylaxis: lips swelled dramatically, shortness of breath, severe hives. Medics said that this was reaction to diclofenac, although she had no history of reaction to that or ibuprofen.

Throughout breastfeeding, she had to take anti histamines to control hives and swelling. Symptoms now recur regularly following the pattern of her cycle.

It seems so obvious that there's some link to hormones , and she's concerned that symptoms may be more serious with any subsequent pregnancy. GP etc are treating as purely dermatological.

Has anyone any experience of anything similar?

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