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Sunscreen for 6mth old with eczema

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mimmymouse Sun 05-Jun-11 18:26:47

I'm shopping around for a suitable sunscreen for my 6mth old DD. Being an Australian, I am super cautious about sun care - I do not put my child in direct sunlight and we avoid being outdoors in midday sun etc. However, I know UV damage can occur when out of direct sunlight and I want to protect my DD whilst we travel around this summer.

She has atopic eczema which is currently under control (touch wood) and managed mostly with emollients.

Sunscreen seems jolly expensive - especially when there is every chance my DD will be allergic, so I'd like to narrow the field before spending.

I'm looking at:

Avéne 50 SPF Sun sun créme
Simple Baby Sun Sensitive Protecting Suncare Cream

I'd love to hear opinions and experiences and any other recommendations.

Many thanks

freefrommum Sun 05-Jun-11 18:41:33

Hi mimmymouse! I think you'll probably find every mum recommending a different suncream as in my experience every child with eczema/allergies reacts differently to every suncream. I've heard mums saying that one brand was fantastic for their little one only for another mum to say how awful it was for theirs. Unfortunately, it really is a case of trial and error, which is not helpful I know, especially given how expensive it is! I've yet to find one that doesn't irritate my DS's eczema at all but have been using Nivea Sun Baby 50+ recently and so far it seems ok. However, in the past I've tended to find that his skin often seems ok to start with but over time (i.e. after a few weeks of use) his eczmea starts to flare up again. Of course, this is partly to do with getting sweaty in the heat, not just the suncream - summer is not a good time for eczema! I have tried the Simple baby sunscreen and it was ok but not great and probably won't buy it again unless I'm desperate. I really hope you find one that works for your little one x

Angeoxford Mon 06-Jun-11 19:06:14

My daughters eczema nurse recommended sunsense sensitive spf 50 and gave me some samples to try. Shes 11 months w atopic eczema It works a treat and I bought a batch online. You can find by googling it. Good luck

mimmymouse Mon 06-Jun-11 19:10:37

Thank you both very much x

sailorsgal Mon 06-Jun-11 19:59:09

Definitely Sunsense. It's Australian too. grin

covkimbo Tue 07-Jun-11 10:21:07

Message deleted

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