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Possible food intolerances - am I insane to try to cut out everything?

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knockinonyerdoor Thu 02-Jun-11 21:22:55

I have multiple allergies (dust, dander, pollen, feathers, fruits, OAS) and have just had IgG testing which threw up a load of 'positive' reactions. I know IgG is one of those grey areas where nothing has been proven - but at this point I'm willing to try anything. The strongest reactions were to egg, dairy and wheat.

Anyway, the nutritionist basically said that I have two choices: cut out egg, dairy and wheat and see if there is any improvement in a month, and if not, then start eliminating the other things a few at a time; or cut out EVERYTHING that I reacted to for a month, and if there is improvement, I can start adding in the things that I only reacted slightly to.

Everyone I have spoken to seems to think that the second approach is insane and that I won't be able to cut out everything. But it's only for a month, I'm pretty sure I can cope with anything for a month! And I am just starting my 'peak' allergy season so if this is going to work at all, it's the perfect time to test it.

Has anyone here done a fairly drastic elimination diet? Did it work?

mum765 Thu 02-Jun-11 22:01:26

Cutting out egg, dairy and wheat is pretty hard in itself. I don't think I'd go down the total elimination way. I was put on an elimination diet many years ago - I was allowed to eat about 5 foods. It's not just for the first month, it's many many months as you only introduce a new food every so often. Socially it's quite isolating. Also we reintroduced wheat fairly early on and as it was pretty much the only food I could eat out of the house (I was allowed lamb, rice and cauliflower), I ate a lot of it. I then seemed to get gut problems from eating too much wheat - not because I had an intolerance/allergy to it but because it was 50% of my diet. I guess it depends on how many foods you are eliminating and what they are.

knockinonyerdoor Thu 02-Jun-11 22:15:05

Basically it was anything from the onion family, nuts, all cereals, potatoes, shellfish, white fish, yeast, legumes.

I think it is possible - I love all veg and could happily live on salads and stirfrys and soups. I am wondering what I'll end up with for breakfast though!

mum765 Fri 03-Jun-11 17:07:01

It's the carbs I'd be worried about - would you be allowed rice and rice cakes? Yes baked beans for breakfast? Sounds quite hard but you can always try and if it's not working change to the other plan.

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