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where can I buy 100% cotton school trousers?

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keresley Wed 20-Apr-11 18:51:40

I need grey ones for my 6 year old. Thanks.

Maggie198 Wed 20-Apr-11 20:38:56

keresley Thu 21-Apr-11 15:31:01

Thanks Maggie. I knew about these ones but they are just so expensive. I was hoping that some of the more regular shops would seel them. The place I got them in the past don't sell them anymore.

chloesmumtoo Thu 21-Apr-11 17:03:09

They are expensive for cotton ones, we have the same problem. Another site is Unfortunately marks and spencer don't do grey but have started a skin kind cotton trouser but only in black

keresley Thu 21-Apr-11 20:23:53

Thx Chloesmum. Yes, looked on Lindt kids but they only have sizes for 12-13 year olds

Bilbomum Wed 27-Apr-11 14:15:18

Hope this isn't too late keresley, I got some from H&M for ds. It was a few months ago so I don't know if they will still have them but worth a look in the future. They're dark grey canvas and quite slim fitting but look fairly similar to 'normal' school trousers.

moonstorm Sat 14-May-11 21:57:16

I'm sure I saw a link somewhere to M&S.

Schulte Wed 18-May-11 14:38:36

M&S I am pretty sure have 100% cotton trousers in grey and black. Not navy though, which is what I need sad

thisisyesterday Wed 08-Jun-11 19:36:19

me need navy too sad

atm i have bought some navy cotton chinos for ds1 who is moving to a new school in sept. but have had the uniform list through and it specifically states NO chinos sad

not sure what i'm going to do

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