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Skin Salvation - does it work?

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NatzCNL Sat 26-Mar-11 23:10:45

Has anybody who has a DC with eczema or has eczema themselves tried this new cream that has recently appeared in the Daily Mail called Skin Salvation by Purepotions?
My DD aged 4 1/2 has had quite severe eczema for quite some time now, and we have tried almost everything to tackle the itching and inflamation. We are currently using Dermol cream and steriod cream for the sore area's with anthistemines when the itching is playing up and always before bed time. She regularly have to have antibiotics if the skin begins to weep.
In the past we have tried chinese herbal remedies, natural aromatherapy creams, ointments prescribed by the GP, 3 different strength steroids, bandaging hands to prevent scratching, bath oils, diet control to rule out allergies, the list is endless.
As reluctent as I am to again try something new on my poor DD, the testimonies are glowing. And if I could give her a cream that is 100% natural and can get her off the steroids and night time medicines, I want to try it. But at the same time I dont want to be chasing another promise to find it is just a load of rubbish.
Has anybody tried this cream? Does it actually work?

Bunbaker Sun 27-Mar-11 19:50:18

I too, am interested to know whether this would for for my daughter.

ClaireOB Sun 27-Mar-11 19:54:38

recent thread here

NatzCNL Sun 27-Mar-11 22:50:10

Thanks Claire!

JsOtherHalf Sun 27-Mar-11 23:34:32

Poor wee girl. Have you tried dermasilk garments yet? DS has mild eczema but they have helped a lot. Gp wouldn't prescribe them though.

JsOtherHalf Sun 27-Mar-11 23:43:14

I have managed to avoid steroid creams for the last year or so by using Just Lavender cream on the inflamed bits, and Lush dream cream everywhere else _ twice a day.

He also takes an adult strength omega fish oil capsule daily.

Bunbaker Mon 28-Mar-11 12:15:06

Lush Dream Cream doesn't work for DD at all.

JsOtherHalf Mon 28-Mar-11 14:15:42

Yes, I agree, what works for one might not work for another.

tubeofcanesten Mon 28-Mar-11 14:19:20

squirt squirt squirt

babybarrister Mon 28-Mar-11 21:30:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Olihan Mon 28-Mar-11 21:35:38

I've posted on the other thread but for ds, it's the only thing that works. He still needs steroids occasionally if he has a major flare up but as long as we religiously apply morning and night his skin is beautiful.

MumMakes5 Thu 02-Jun-11 18:53:35

I couldn't get this on the NHS even though the newspaper article regarding this product says you can, Daily Mail, March 2011. On the Skin Salvation, ( website it lists the ingredients. They all look harmless to me, even the alcohol-I suppose that's a preservative?? I have tried each of these ingredients, except nettle and hemp oil, individually on my son and they gave temporary relief, especially the chickweed cream. I am ordering this cream as I feel that these ingredients together will give him lasting relief and replenish his skin. I have also ordered cardiospermum gel as I have read good reviews on this product from Sri Lanka. I got it online for £9.95. Anyway, I think the steroid creams are history. Hats off to the mum that invented this cream, skin salvation, it's a shame that the doctor's don't prescribe natural creams, apparently they have a budget of what they prescribe so they will almost always prescribe the cheap stuff. Good luck to all those who are looking for a cure of this terrible condition, keep persevering and please share what works for you and what doesn't. Thanks.

loveursoul Mon 06-Jun-11 19:09:41

You can get this on prescription you just have to have a doctor who is prepared to let you and there are more and more of them that are willing to give it a go. If you go onto the purepotions website there is a pack you can download and this will provide you with the information to take into your doctor. Lovelula is a great website to order via and you can also order direct from purepotions online or by calling them. If you do have any problems it is always worth contacting purepotions direct as they are all mums and really understand how hard it is to find a solution

JoSB1 Wed 08-Jun-11 14:27:32

In my experience, Skin Salvation is the only cream that DOESNT sting. My daughter has suffered servere eczema all ehr life - for 8 years - doesn't complain at all when it's applied, so yes, I'd highly recommend it. The other things which helped us was 'wet wrapping' at night. We applyied a prescribed cream (with steroids unfortunately) then put on a cool damp prescribed cotton bandage type top and matching leggings and then another layer of dry top and leggings (the racing car driver look, nice!). We did this for over a year, every night and it made a HUGE difference. Highly recommended. I haven't used steroids for a couple of years now or the prescribed mild seditive we had to give her every night. A great relief all round. She still gets patches but nothing like before.

LadyTurmoil Fri 10-Jun-11 22:03:03

I am using Skin Salvation on my daughter's face (eyes and around mouth in particular) and it's been a great help - a wonder really. I'd already started using it when I took my daughter to see a dermatologist (after waiting months for appt). She recommended stronger steroid creams on face but, as I'd already seen an improvement, decided to persevere with Skin Salvation cream. So glad I did!! Do a patch test and check for any adverse reaction. Also use Dermol Shower Emollient as a soap substitute. I would say very strongly - DON'T use Aqueous Cream - hate the stuff but unfortunately even dermatologists still prescribe it. Also, read the comments on PurePotions page on Facebook, they are so, so useful. Good luck! smile

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