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Ezcema- help needed - confused about what cream to use when

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Blondeinlondon Fri 14-Oct-05 19:10:40

DS is almost 8 mths. He has ezcema and now ringworm.
I have hydrocortizone cream for the ezcema and daktarin for the ringworm. Also diprobase.

I am confused about what to apply when.
Tonight, after his bath, I applied HC to most of him and the dak to his ringworm patch.

When should I apply the diprobase??

jenk1 Fri 14-Oct-05 19:33:11

dont know about diprobase but i was told to leave half an hour between the hydrocortisone and the emolliant as one could cancel out the other if both applied at the same time.

Have you tried Aveeno?

I have tried most other emolliants but Aveeno is the best, the GP,s dont tell you about it because its expensive but it is available on prescription and its really effective


kcemum Fri 14-Oct-05 19:49:23

IIRC you should apply the emollient first at least half an houir before the hc or daktarin, this is to ensure that the skin is softer which makes it easier for the creams to be absorbed thus working quicker.

Blondeinlondon Sun 16-Oct-05 13:25:02

Thanks both
I am going to try doing the diprobase morning and the HC in the evening

Jenk1 - We have aveeno but for the bath

hunkerpumpkin Sun 16-Oct-05 13:44:28

Is it definitely ringworm? Some eczema can look like circles on the skin.

PottytheVampireSlayer Sun 16-Oct-05 14:29:44

Blondeinlondon - dd has discoid excema which looks a lot like ringworm (hers was misdiagnosed originally). Ringworm looks sort of 'healed' in the middle whereas discoid excema doesn't. This type of excema is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

We use H/c followed by Aveeno about 20 minutes after.

hunkerpumpkin Sun 16-Oct-05 14:40:35

That's what I've had on my legs before now. Goes away when I'm pg. Not that that's a good plan for an 8-month-old baby...

Blondeinlondon Mon 07-Nov-05 22:12:55

The ringworm (if that's what it was) has now gone

I am now alternating with the HC and the Diprobase
The trouble is as soon as you take his clothes off he starts scratching

bobbybob Fri 11-Nov-05 03:49:41

Are you applying the diprobase to wet skin? Don't towel at all, just cream up and pop clothes on. Aim to do it within 3 minutes of getting out of bath - time yourself - it's amazing how quick it goes.

You may need a stronger cream for a bit to get on top of the rash. The itching makes it worse and so in the long run a stronger cream which cures the rash and stops the scratching can be less damaging than HC used ineffectively all the time.

bunny2 Fri 11-Nov-05 20:34:17

bless him. On ds, 5, I slap on loads of diprobase oitment NOT cream immediately after his bath. This seals in the mousture. half an hor or so later I apply the steroid where needed. The skin needs to be well-moisturised in order to "accept" the steroid cream, otherwise it sits on top and isnt absorbed properly. we were told this technique by ds' dermatologist at Graet Ormond St

avsbavs Tue 04-Jan-11 20:32:32

i havent had time to read all the posts so sorry if i repeat some of the things previously mentioned...

i am nearly 16 and have suffered from ezcema for as long as i can remember

i used to cry and scream all through the night and scratch myself raw

i was always told i would grow out of it, first when i was 6, then 7, then 11, then 14, yet here i am, still with ezcema.

however from years of trial and error, FINALLY i have it under control and you cant even notice my skin, apart from a tiny bit on my hands.

so here are my tips... they wont work for everyone but you can try.... they work for me

firstly, showers/baths were a killer for me. try rinsing off skin with cold water at the end of a shower and then 'hug' dry. this cools skin before moisturising.

i cant use any aqueous creams as they trap in heat and irritate my skin more, however some people find they work well for them. instead i use AVEENO, which i love. you can get it on prescription in the uk which helps

if neither or these work, try using straight olive oil, its really natural and an amazing moisturiser. it can be a little messy but sinks in really really quickly.

so, moisturise twice a day, i know its a chore but try and made it as bearable as possibly, for example, warming up cream a bit in the winter.

for those flareups, (i always get back skin when it gets cold outside and the heating goes on, and again in the spring when it goes off and the weather improves,) ask you doctor for a steroid cream. as soon as dry skin or red blotchy patched appears apply cream immediately. you have to catch flareups in time. if however, cream stings and hurts when applied, try using ice packs and stress balls. another thing is hotwater bottles but try the ice first.

oilatum bath oil is ggood to use when the weather changes as it keeps skin moist while your body adjusts to the climate.

probably the most important thing to keep my ezcema under control are anti-histamines.i take cetrizine every day in the morning and ucerax in the evenings. these make you drouzy so you sleep all night without scratching. they do not affect me in the mornings and i still do wake in the night sometimes but not because im ripping my skin appart. i used to get so tired, even if i was sleeping all night due to the scratching. sleep loss increased greatly when i turned 13.

i think thats all... please ask me if you have any questions

i am thinking of setting up a website to help and advise people on how to live with eczema. do you thing this is a good idea and would work?

good luck


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