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3xgirls 110 mittened eczema tops hardly worn, anyone need them?

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chloesmumtoo Wed 22-Dec-10 11:12:43

Dd was always needing eczema clothing but these seemed to have sat in the draw hardly worn and out grown already. Pink with enclosed hands. I'd like them to help someone out rather than just be thrown away or sent to the charity shop where they may not be brought. Will post them on.......

chloesmumtoo Thu 13-Jan-11 11:43:51

They come from cotton comforts. Will be sending them to the charity shop soon. Let me know if you want them before its to late. 100% cotton, wash at 60 degrees ect. Nut free home due to allergy. Like new..........I will pay to post them to you, just good to know they will be used.

potatoes Thu 13-Jan-11 20:53:22

Yes please! Sound perfect for my DD.
Nice to know some kids grow out of it, it's heavy going at the moment with DD smile

chloesmumtoo Fri 14-Jan-11 12:48:52

Great, glad to give them to someone. Do you want to message me your details Potatoes? Will keep an eye on my inbox and forward them on to you asap. Hope your dd is coping ok.

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