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6mo sick and rash after porridge, intolerance or too young?

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pombal Thu 16-Dec-10 09:57:03


Not sure where to post this, as after reading some of the other threads this doesn't sound like a full blown allergy, but think maybe I need to proceed carefully and would appreciate hearing others experiences.

Basically I'm weaning my 6 month old, we've been going a few weeks. Yesterday I gave him about a 1/3 jar of Boots organic baby porridge. Later that night he was sick twice and this morning has a small rash around his mouth - nothing scary and seems otherwise well. I checked the ingredients and it's mostly cows milk with some oats, rice and sugar.

Does this sound like he might have an intolerance to one of the ingredients or is he just not ready for gluten/whole cows milk?
What do you think?

He's breastfed and I eat everything dairy and he also had normal formula top ups until 4 months old due to his tongue tie causing feeding problems.

I know jars are probably the work of the devil(blush) but I was really rushing yesterday, am back at work pt and have toddler, so forgive me.

RuthChan Thu 16-Dec-10 21:04:06

It is hard to tell at this stage whether he has an allergy or an intolerance or to what. If you want to check, you can easily tell with the assistance of an allergy specialist.

However, in the meantime simply avoid feeding him all those ingredients. You can gradually try them again separately at a later date and see if he reacts again.
In the meantime, stick to weaning him on veg, baby rice and other things that are less likely to cause reactions.
It's quite possible that he will grow out of whatever caused this in the next few months anyway.

trixymalixy Fri 17-Dec-10 09:19:28

6 months is not too young for an allergy. Both
Mine were tested at 6 months and had allergies.

I would ask your GP to be referred for testing.

As he has already had cow's milk it sounds more likely to be the oats, although an allergy can develop at any time.

I would avoid doing any home experimenting as allergies can become more severe with each exposure.

nottirednow Fri 17-Dec-10 10:09:03

Message withdrawn

pombal Fri 17-Dec-10 14:36:55

Many thanks for your replies.

MIL has said there is a history of milk allergy in the family which I didn't know about. He's been ok with formula but I think formula and 'normal' cows milk are probably quite different, and I imagine allergies come in all forms from mild to very severe so not ruling anything out.

nottirednowbottle of Piriton at home is good idea, just in case. Will prob speak to his doc as well before trying either again - it's probably a bit PFB to do so but who cares.

It's so difficult to know at this age when they're sick because it can be anything but I do think it was the jar. Have pureed him a load of veg today, sticking to that a baby rice for now

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