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Can you suggest some 'party foods' for my CMP allergic one year old?

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BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 09-Dec-10 05:11:03

Hi everyone.

DD is going to be one in a couple of weeks. We're throwing a small party for her and her brother/ cousins. I'd like to get her some fun party food (e.g. stuff that she and ther others can all eat and enjoy) and wondered if anyone knows off the top of their head if there are any snacks/ biscuits which can be bought in mainstream supermarkets which are ok for children with CMP allergy. She always seems to get pretty plain food when we are out and about as that it the easiest thing to pack. The most exciting we have managed is raisins, so any tips appreciated.


emmylou157 Thu 09-Dec-10 06:03:44

some sausage rolls etc don't contain milk - look at the supermarket own brands. I think digestives and ginger nuts are ok too.
good luck

BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 09-Dec-10 07:13:18

Thanks Emmy. I was told that some sausages did have milk powder in them so have steered clear. Will take a look...

hwhite6 Thu 09-Dec-10 08:25:21

If it's just dairy she can't have, then there are lots of 'munchies' in the free-from aisle in the supermarkets.
Looking at the Tesco value bourbons in front of me, they have no milk in them!
Sainsburys tend to have a decent freezer section of free-from foods too, not sure of food content though as my LO can't do grains/gluten either so it rules out a lot of shop-bought stuff for us. They have just started doing chicken nuggets again though (grin)
You'll just have to go label shopping again by the sound of it. (see if you can go without the kids, it'll be easier!)

I tend to make muffins of varying flavours for everyone, carrot & apple always goes down well. She could have flapjacks too with all manner of hidden fruit in them, the kids will never know!
Use Pure or Vitalite as a dairy free spread in cooking & baking, works a treat.
Chocolate things could be made with cocoa powder (tesco is OK) in them, so no one will miss out on chocolate then either.
Could you involve the old ones in making some snacks like the muffins & flapjacks?

Freedom ice cream for your daughter (expensive, but sometimes on offer), ordinary for the others. Jelly obviously!

Hope this will get you started.

Whelk Thu 09-Dec-10 09:54:24

I tend to make cakes (search on here and there are some good recipes)but if she can toelrate egg then you can probably just substitute the butter for 'Pure' spreads.
Many crisps are ok- plain crisps/hula hoops
Bourbon biscuits (and others in the cheap ranges that put veggie oil in rather than butter)
My dd loves sorbets and jellies.
You can get fishfingers which are dairy free.
Little party sandwiches
Veggies/ Breadsticks/pitta to dip into Hoummus (is she ok with sesame)

auntevil Thu 09-Dec-10 10:22:34

Shop bought you can have party rings and pink wafers.
Rich tea fingers are nice - and you could get icing pens and draw faces on them.
A nice topping for cakes is dairy free chocolate mixed with dairy free single cream. It gives a really rich shiny icing - good for special occasions.

mintyneb Thu 09-Dec-10 10:50:04

second all the comments made above!

home made cakes and biscuits using dairy free butter (M&S make one as well as the Pure range)
sandwiches made with dairy free butter
Sainsbury's free from section do dairy free chocolate lollies - they are wrapped in foil with pictures of Pooh, Piglet and Tigger etc and come in packs of 4
bourbon biscuits from Tesco and Waitrose (Sainsbury's have dairy in them)
Tesco do dairy free jammy dodger type biscuits
party ring biscuits
pink wafer biscuits
plain crisps
plain hula hoops
Tesco do dairy free bacon crisps (like frazzles I think?)
sponge fingers - like you would put in tiramisu or trifle
freedom icecream
swedish glace icecream
dairy free chocolate buttons (including white chocolate) which you can get in Waitrose and Holland and Barratt
dairy free smarties - again from Waitrose and Holland and Barratt

hope that helps

auntevil Thu 09-Dec-10 13:14:28

Just spotted my DS with the organic goodies mini gingerbread men. From memory, quite a few of the organix range have dairy free products.
It's amazing what you forget you buy that is dairy free as it's just part of the regular shop now grin

emmylou157 Thu 09-Dec-10 13:24:56

Just remembered I recently discovered that asda smart price garlic bread does not contain milk - not sure about the other supermarkets value ranges.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 19-Dec-10 16:58:40

I wanted to come back and apologise for not saying thank you earlier. I've been without email at home for a while and kept meaning to try and get back to this thread. Thanks everyone for taking time to answer. There's loads of really good ideas here; I'm pretty certain I can do party tea without any of her elder cousins even realising that it's all dairy free. Thanks again!

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