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milk allergy?

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jesstangle Sun 05-Dec-10 20:19:15

I have just posted in the breast/formula feeding section, but thought it was worth putting something up here too...

DD was breastfed until 10.5 months, at which point, with my return to work imminent, I swapped her on to formula. She made the transition absolutely fine.
She is now 12 months and we have started to introduce full fat cow's milk.
Although she has a bit of a cold at the moment, she seems to be getting very snotty and coughing a lot at night - when we give her cow's milk this appears to get much worse, and a few times now, she has vomited after her night-time bottle.
Has anyone come across this before? I was under the impression that formula was made from cow's milk, so if she had an allergy, it would have presented itself a couple of months ago when I stopped breast feeding??

nellymoo Mon 06-Dec-10 18:27:39

Cows' milk is mucus forming, and not great to give in quantity when your LO has a cold. Coughing at night-time is also common with a cold.

Vomiting can be an allergic response, but there tend to be other symptoms such as hives, swelling, tummy upset/pain. These symptoms would more than likely occur every time you gave your child milk, rather than on just a few occasions.
If you are worried, I would speak to your GP.

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