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Vomiting-is this an allergic reaction?

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strawberrycake Thu 02-Dec-10 19:16:17

first blush

My son has been diagnosed at 3 m/o (now 6) as allergic to dairy based on diarrhea/ eczema/ reflux. He has been quite ok, but not perfect, on Nutramigen. Big improvement in days from constant runny poos or vicious constipation on Soya. Eczema nearly gone too, more just dry skin now. So it has helped a lot. Plus his weight gain is normalising (though he's still tiny).

I am new to allergies, so please excuse me, but I haven't been sure how careful to be. It's not affected breathing etc.

Now he's on solids he's had TRACES of dairy a few times accidently.
Time 1: Onions in soup fried in butter before being added
Time 2: licked another babies fresh spit up (ew)
Time 3: Hand in my milkly drink, possibly licked.

Each time he has vomited within a few min. Can this be an allergy, or is it probably just chance? IT's smelly vomit vomit rather than spit up and he's not generally sick. He's cheeks have been red with eczema (but maybe the cold). Mucus in poo later, but then he is swallowing snot too.

Is it likely he's reacting to these tiny trace amounts he's had, or is that unlikely? Is vomiting a small symptom? If it is, what does this really mean?

AllOverIt Thu 02-Dec-10 19:19:20

DS has severe fish allergy and his symptoms is always to vomit within minutes of ingesting it. It depends on the amount and the type of fish ingested as sometimes it can be an hour... He also gets facial swelling, rashes and terrible diarrhoea.

trixymalixy Thu 02-Dec-10 19:20:45

Yes, my son tested positive to egg allergy. The only symptom he has when he has had it is to vomit.

strawberrycake Thu 02-Dec-10 19:22:01

Thank you, so it looks like it means no traces at all then of dairy products I guess. I may sound rubbish. SOunds awful but I always thought of dairy-allergies as being to do with skinny posh women blush
Still learning.

trixymalixy Thu 02-Dec-10 19:22:36

BTW Nutramigen still contains dairy albeit heavily modified. My DS was allergic to Nutramigen. I would ask to try Nutramigen AA or Neocate which don't contain any dairy.

strawberrycake Thu 02-Dec-10 19:25:12

No appointment for 4 months now so no one to ask! They seemed to base it all on weight gain that he didn't try others.

strawberrycake Thu 02-Dec-10 20:32:24

Sorry can I pick your brains further (for a number of reasons I had a nigh on useless appointment at the hospital last time).

Can anyone with experience tell me:

1.Is vomiting a lot to worry about? Is there a chance of it escalating or is it just an annoying niggle to be avoided?

2.He stopped soya milk because apparently soya and milk allergies often go hand in hand and he had his worst eczema on soy milk plus was very badly constipated. Does this mean I should also have been told to avoid solid food with soy in?

strawberrycake Thu 02-Dec-10 20:33:59

Oh further info, when actually on formula he did have a body rash, but this seemed to be only after a large amount building up over days, as well as cronic diarrhea. This trace amount caused a bit of a runny bum but no rash.

trixymalixy Thu 02-Dec-10 21:19:13

Your GP should be able to prescribe a different formula. Allergies can escalate so even if a reaction is mild now it could get worse, so I would avoid dairy for the moment.

I would also avoid soya products given the reaction to soya formula.


superoz Thu 02-Dec-10 23:16:17

I agree, allergies can escalate as their immune systems are immature and with each exposure they may get worse. I'd avoid all dairy, even traces given the reaction you have mentioned.
It also sounds like soya is a no-no too. If you think that Nutramigen isn't working you can always switch to Neocate.

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