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how easy to get baby tested for allergy/intolerance?

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ginger2000 Thu 02-Dec-10 11:21:45

hi - my dd2 is 9 weeks old and breastfed. After 6 weeks or so of a really unhappy baby (windy, screaming for ages and before poos, unsettled), i decided to cut out dairy and soya (not easy as I am veggie!) - there does seem to be some improvement and I know am aondering if its down to dairy or if its just that she is older. Can i ask gp to get her tested or do i just have to experiment myself with having some milk and seeing the reaction?

I will need to mix feed from christmas as i prepare to go back to work but don't want tp give cows mik formula if its going to hurt!

any thoughts?

singarainbow Thu 02-Dec-10 11:36:16

I think it depends in where you live. For my dd, the allergy serves are a bit stretched, so I paid for a private consulation (GP referred) with the allergist I would have waited over a year to see otherwise.
She was tested at about 5 months with a skin prick test. Then other appointements were done through the nhs.
It cost £100 (but we claimed half back with hsa). I couldn't have waited longer, it was money well spent.
This was all about 7 years ago, hopefully things may be better now?

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