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Allergy Free Food Colouring

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superoz Mon 29-Nov-10 22:07:22

I am baking cakes for dds birthday and I want to make pink icing. Does anyone know of any allergy free food colouring which doesn't have nut or egg warnings on them?
So far I've found that Silver Spoon and Dr Oetker(Supercook) at my local Sainsburys have 'may contain nut' warnings on them so they are out of the picture.

whenigrowup Tue 30-Nov-10 17:12:01

Don't know of any brands but you could try asking in a local health food shop if they have any beetroot based food colourants. I know it can be used as a good natural food colouring but don't know who does it. Good luck.

BellaBearisWideAwake Tue 30-Nov-10 17:17:13

I bought some from waitrose that were very natural. I'll see if I can find them on google and see what they say

BellaBearisWideAwake Tue 30-Nov-10 17:18:52

Found them - Queen Natural Extracts for colouring food and drinks ts-Food-Colouring/57500011

do you want me to list ingredients?

BellaBearisWideAwake Tue 30-Nov-10 17:20:49

this is from the manufacturer's website

babybarrister Tue 30-Nov-10 19:41:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

superoz Tue 30-Nov-10 22:22:43

Thanks BellaBearIsWideAwake I will get those onto my next Ocado shop smile

I tend to avoid anything with May Contain Nut warnings as dd seemed to react to some of the sprinkles with this on, so now being 100% safe.

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