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DD ate something she is severely intolerant to nearly 3wks ago and she is still pooing...

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simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 21:36:48

How long does it take for things to return to normal??


She has pooed lots today and is red raw, bless her.

She is 2.9 BTW

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 21:42:21

what is she intolerant to?

any chance tht there is more of it creeping into her diet?

it can take dd1 a couple of weeks to get back to normal after a diet infringement (she is gluten and dairy intolerant), but it would be unusual to be having that extreme a reaction so long afterwards

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 21:46:35

She is severely intolerant to dairy, soya & oats (possibly barley too)

Her private nursery gave her cheese angry last tueday, so not 3wks more like 2wks and 1 day blush

But there has been no improvement and she has gone to bed red raw sad and very upset (have covered her in cream so hopefully she will be better in the morning)

Its just getting me down tbh sad

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 21:51:29

Tuesday last week?

not unusual to still have a reaction, then.

sorry it is so bad for your dd, though, it can't be nice.

are you absolutely sure that nursery has a handle on what is in the other foods she is given?

as I'm sure you know, milk powder/lactose/protein gets into so many different foods. and soya too - used in so many different dietary substitutes. also (sorry, don't mean to depress you) barley is used in loads of stuff - usually in malt form, and can be easy to miss on ingredients lists.

I hve found that it doen't matter how many times I tell nursery/schools what the dds are intolerant to - there is always an infringement.

have you looked over their menus, and gone through where the danger points might be?

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 21:57:33

yes they cook food on premises and show me what she is having beforehand and it has always been fine up till now...spag bol, pasta & tomato sauce if the others are having cheese, roast dinner, curry & rice etc...

They also write a food diary for me.

She had the cheese not last tuesday, the one before...

At least now they have seen the fall out (literally) when she has something she can't sad

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 22:05:21

dh is dairy intolerant as well as the girls, and he often has an infringement - eating out, City dinners, etc.

It can take him a couple of weeks to get back to normal, and dairy stuff can really irritate the bowel at the best of times - eg after any illness it is advised to keep dairy down to a minimum, isn't it?

sorry for tmi, but what are her poos like? and could she be teething at all, and the rash not necessarily due to the diet issue? she could have back molars coming in (maybe, can't remeber blush and dd2 is only 3!)

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:07:57

poos horrid...

Black (but she is not neocate - so this may be the cause)

Ruuny so the leak out of every nappy. Cannot think of potty training her like this sad

And the smell <<winces>>

Don't think she is teething atm but hard to tell really blush

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 22:19:58

is the neocate a recent thing? because it shouldn't be having a different effect on her poo if not

sorry again, but is the smell rancid and acidic? (god I can't believe the conversations I have, sometimes!)

any mucous at all? (obvious sign of bowl irritation)

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:25:24

She has been on neocate since she was 8mths...

Poo smells rancid I would guess. Sometimes I have to leave room to change her and get fresh air blush

No mucus but sometimes undigested food in it...

Poos not usually black either when she is well I mean....

We are waiting for results on poo samples (again) and she has recently been tested for coeliacs through a blood test.

In Dec she is having blood tests for allergies.

If everything comes back negative there has been talk of a gut biopsy <<panics>>

Montifer Wed 17-Nov-10 22:27:31

Your poor DD.

Sorry, don't know anything about food allergies but wondered if you are using or could get a specialist barrier cream to try and protect / promote healing of her bum until her bowels improve.

GP or specialist nurse may be able to prescribe / advise.

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 22:29:24

undigested food doesn't sound good to me.

have you read around any of the special diet stuff?

there is a lot of good info out there.

I come at this form an ASD perspective (dd1), so my knowledge is limited to diets linked with that, but a lot of the bowel symptoms are sounding very similar (which of, course, means nothing other than they share some dietary difficulties)

There are some very good books out there, but the ones I know are written form that ASD perspective too - am happy to recommend, though, if you think they might help?

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:29:37

Thanks Montifer - I put a barrier cream on her before bed last night.

But tbh I think i will have to take her to GP for a mild steroid cream if inflamation not gone down by tomorrow sad

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:30:03

OOps I mean tonight blush not last night hmm

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:32:11

silverfrog - any books that might help me would be good smile

She does not have undigested food all the time but it does not suprise me to find it iyswim sad

silverfrog Wed 17-Nov-10 22:46:58

ok, am on phone, so can't link, sorry.

the diet dd1 follows is a gf/cf (gluten and casein free) diet. it is researched by a unit which used to be at Sunderland uni, but have moved now and I can't rememebr their new name - if you google Sunderland ARU you should get re-directed.

There is quite a lot of info on the Sunderland protocol - you could try asking over on SN too, as a number of us over there follow special diets.

books wise, there are a couple by Marilyn Le Breton which are worth a read. Both also contain useful recipes on how to get around cooking without some usual staples, so are handy in that respect too.

Natasha Campbell-MacBride also has a good book out. She recommends the SCD diet, which is quite extreme. But again, reading up about it might ring some bells.

I don't now how much you owuld want to go into this yourself. as dd1 is AD, bowel issues don't get investigated, and so I have had to research it all myself. So I can't judge (and it isn't my place ot do so anyway!) whether the tests you are waiting for will be worth it or not. my only experience of doctors is them telling me that dd1's bowel issues are to be expected, and that thee is nothing that can be done for her.

when I then returned, having found out this info re: special diets , they dismissed it as not valid, and cautioned me against using them and trying ot manage it myself.

But I have seen so much improvement in dd1's that is has all been worth it.

If I were you I'd have a read around and see if you can dig up info on your dd's symptoms. It is horrible to see someone you cae for in so much discomfort.

websites which support ASD parents/children often have info on special diets, and very informed people on them, and also vaccine damage support websites. Again, I mean nothing by suggesting htis, just trying to give you some pointers as to where to find people who might understand what you ae going through smile

simpson Wed 17-Nov-10 22:53:55

silverfrog - thanks for taking the time to post smile

Will get googling grin

nottirednow Thu 18-Nov-10 08:32:36

Message withdrawn

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