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Cow's milk protein intolerance - does my baby have it?

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crabby Tue 16-Nov-10 09:20:20

His older sister was a classic case with rash, wheeze, diarrheoa etc. aged 18 months when I stopped BF.

I am just wondering if my 4 month old is developing it (mildly so far) - he has rash / eczema around his mouth only and green slimy poo (no solid bits really at all anymmore) for the last week or 2. Is this classical poo for CMPI in babies? Sorry if TMI, but what do other people;s intolerant baby's poo look like? Just want to be sure as he is EBF so I don;t want to go dairy free unless I have to.

He is thriving by the way!

Thank you.

nottirednow Tue 16-Nov-10 10:17:07

Message withdrawn

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