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Lactose problem - now v sore bum and I don't know what to do next!

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WingWoman Sun 07-Nov-10 18:31:21

DD2 has been waking several times a night, screaming like she is in pain since switching her to bottles full time.

Psychomum suggested a lactose intolerance, so I tried switching her to Infasoy.

She has slept through a couple of nights, the screaming stopped, her nappies went more solid, she stopped being snotty.

BUT this last 24 fours (been on the soya milk about 6 days), she has had lots of very loose nappies, they smell hideous, and her bum is bright red.

I don't know if this is a reaction to the infasoy or just a stomach bug!!

So. Do I give her a bottle of it tonight? Normal formula? Cow's milk? Water? (water won't go down well wink) - she is 12 months.

bonfireblue Sun 07-Nov-10 18:43:39

I have no medical knowledge, but I would have thought if she was reacting to the infasoy it would have happened sooner than 6 days in.

If the infasoy put a stop to the original night time screaming etc then I would carry on with the infasoy for tonight.

Have you seen her GP about possible lactose intolerance? I think it's probably pretty important to get a proper diagnosis and some advice before you totally eliminate lactose from her diet.

Hope someone who knows what they're on about comes along smile

dontdisstheteens Sun 07-Nov-10 19:02:25

You need to see a doctor and then probably a paed to ensure all is well as it appears unlikely to be a 'pure' lactose intolerance.
I would be very wary of changing diet in an infant without informed (expert) advice.

That does not help tonight though...

Try and get her to have water, she needs the fluids. If necessary give her diluted anything to make her drink. Her bottom, what are you using? Metanium cream is good but again not until morning. So what do you have there?

Needs to be thick, it almost sounds like the stools are acidic and need to be kept away from her bottom. If really bad try some calpol as well (will also help with tummy aches).

If no creams around or really desperate we used to use egg white. Paint egg white on bottom and allow to dry. Provides a reasonable barrier but obviously needs reapplying. A hairdryer on very very low heat and a long way from her bottom will speed up drying.

These are all suggestions for tonight though - you really need to get her to a doctor rather than eliminate stuff from her diet.

nottirednow Mon 08-Nov-10 08:37:44

Message withdrawn

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