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Allergic to "bpa free" dummy???

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Smiley01 Sat 06-Nov-10 02:04:38

I replaced my child's AVENT dummy with 2 new ones that are 0% BPA. Since then she has been coughing a lot... It may be a coincidence however, could she be allergic to whatever the replacement for BPA is?? hmm

It's been a week of taking them away and reintroducing them which has been painful... Does anyone know what the ingrediant used instead of BPA is? And has anyone experienced the same?

Smiley01 Mon 08-Nov-10 03:25:49

It was a co-incidence as the dummy guard was the only bit that had BPA in it before... Back to teh drawing board then

tinytalker Mon 08-Nov-10 12:37:20

I'm not sure that coughing would be enough of a symptom to suspect an allergy! Especially if it is going in her mouth, a more clear sign would be red rash or hives round the mouth, sore swollen tongue, screaming/crying when using the dummy and perhaps an upset tummy.
Does she have any other symptoms other than the cough?

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