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Anyone given VALLERGAN to a child under 2?

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Pixiefish Wed 14-Sep-05 18:32:01

The dermatologist wants me to give Vallergan to help with for help with dd's eczema. The GP wasn't keen to prescribe it for her though as it shouldn't be used by children under 2 and the pharmacist was also a bit concerned but couldn't tell me why as the only thing the book said was not suitable for under 2's- it said nothing about why.
Noticed that some people on here have used it- wondering if anyone had used it on a child under 2.
Dd is 19m old. she reacts badly to Piriton but scratches herself awake during the night

lyra41 Wed 14-Sep-05 18:53:57

Yes, gave vallergan on a long plane journey to subdue my 12 month old. He reacted by becoming hyperactive, which can happen occasionally, but no other ill effects. It was prescribed by the GP btw.

Pixiefish Wed 14-Sep-05 22:20:53

Anyone else?

ThePrisoner Thu 15-Sep-05 19:14:23

Years ago, GP prescribed Vallergan to dd for short time to try to "break" the nightly constant-waking routine she was in. She was under 2 years old. As with Lyra's baby, my dd reacted dreadfully and became a hellish hyperactive monster for two nights - GP admitted that it occasionally had that effect!

bobbybob Fri 16-Sep-05 07:04:13

I think it's the preservatives that can produce the hyper effect.

Personally I would give something like zyrtec (cetirizine) as it is licensed from 6 months in the US. DS has the normal tablet crushed up as the preservatives in the syrup actually make his skin worse.

It is great for breaking the itch cycle, and there is evidence that a half dose every day from age 1 to 2.5 can reduce the chances of developing asthma.

Check the preservative in Vallergan and if it's the same as piriton avoid.

dejags Fri 16-Sep-05 07:44:19

DS also became a hyperactive monster on Vallergan! Never, ever again!!

donnabubby Fri 25-Sep-09 12:52:44

my dd was prescribed Vallergan at 19months, due to waking in the night, and me not getting any sleep as I also had a new born baby.
The only problem I had was after the first time of using it,m she was a bit moody the next day - as if she was still tired....nothing after that though. Apart from good nights sleep.
I have since used it on my ds, as he also wakes in the night, wanting to play...and again no problems.

Bilbomum Fri 25-Sep-09 14:26:32

Another experience of hyperactive monster here - we only tried it the once!

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