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Is it possible.......

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kcemum Fri 09-Sep-05 10:21:46

for my daughter to be allergic to one cat but not our own?

We have an old cat who our daughter does not react too, but we currently have my mums cat staying with us.

She has had a reaction before when at my mums with the cat around, itchy, puffy eyes, sneezing, coughing and a hive like rash to neck and chest. This reaction took over 24 hours to subside with piriton. We then got a prescription of Clarityn which we have used on and off during the summer for hayfever etc. (We were assuming at this point that it may have been the cat but also could have been glue etc as mum had just had a new carpet laid).

Now this cat has stayed with us at various points during the summer and she has not reacted the same way again until last night when she had the same symptoms except for the rash...possibly bacause she had clarityn quickly but she is still snufferly this morning.

I am just curious as to why she reacts sometimews and not others (cat is very much a lazy indoor cat so doiesn't go out often)

flamesparrow Fri 09-Sep-05 10:22:53

Yes - they all have different types of fur, and some irritate where others won't.

My sister was allergic to one of our cats, but not the other.

mumtosomeone Fri 09-Sep-05 10:23:56

quite common!
I could pet ours but know one elses!!

LizzyA123 Tue 02-Jun-09 21:30:56

You build up a tolerance to your own cat due to frequent exposure, but not other cats, my husband would wheeze and sneeze around my cat when we first met, but gradually became immune, 15 years on and he can pick her up briefly or stroke her but other cats still set him off

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