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Can you be allergic to a virus?

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PixieOnaLeaf Wed 06-Oct-10 14:10:57

Message withdrawn

auntevil Wed 06-Oct-10 14:32:29

They do reckon that a lot of food intolerances are the result of having had a virus - and after a period of time the intolerance can go. It wouldn't be far fetched to think that if you have an underlying intolerance for it to be heightened when your immune system goes off to fight a cold etc. Yeast infections reoccur when someone is run down too. All a bit too scientific for me!

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 06-Oct-10 16:02:42

Message withdrawn

paddypoopants Wed 06-Oct-10 16:09:35

When I get a cold I get itchy skin. When I get other viruses I come out in hives which look like an allergic reaction. I was told it's just your immune system over reacting when its all geared up to fight the virus. Best thing is to take antihistamines.

Casserole Wed 06-Oct-10 16:09:39

Yep, you can have allergic type reacions to viruses.

Try taking antihistamines (unless you can't for any reason) and see what happens.

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 06-Oct-10 16:13:17

Message withdrawn

Casserole Wed 06-Oct-10 16:17:18

It really is. I guess then you're an allergy-prone person? DH takes antihistamines a day and carries an epipen. DS has just had his first allergic reaction to.... an unknown virus! Awful constant all over hives for 10 days, and it's still there now 2 weeks later tho not nearly as bad.

So I am feeling your pain (and itchiness) grin

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 06-Oct-10 16:26:58

Message withdrawn

Casserole Wed 06-Oct-10 16:32:37

They don't know, they've never really worked it out. The diagnosis he has is a food-exercise anaphylaxis (it sounds made up but I promise it's not!) - basically a few times a year he'll eat something, and experience a rise in body temp / heartrate and have an anaphylactic reaction sad and end up in A&E. It's all very weird. Often there has been something processed with gluten in it beforehand but he doesn't react to that in any standard way that means "aha! we've got it" if you see what I mean. He eats bread, pasta, etc most days wth no reaction whatsoever.

They're retesting him at the moment though as his last one didn't fit the pattern; he hadn't eaten anything and was in his air conditioned car. We've moved since he was last tested 5 years ago so the GP here's referred him again and he had bloods done last week... will see what transpires this time!

Re the hives: I used Eurax cream on DS in the end and that helped his itching.

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 06-Oct-10 16:36:03

Message withdrawn

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