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Immediate help asda shop

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Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 03:40:54

I've decided after 3hr+ on phone to AA and samaritans I need to stop drinking
I've got 1o cans of cider on my asda order tomorrow, can I refuse them and get a refund?
I've got one can in fridge and half a bottle of vodka in house, but can I physically refuse an item on a prepaid asda shop
Will they just take it back and refund
I'm in a bit of a mental health crisis.
But I dont think 10cans of cider is going to help
Do asda delivery just take back and refund any item (alcohol or not alcohol)

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Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 03:43:54

Sorry that's 10 cans, typo
Can any item be refused, I dont want to get into a phone conversation in front of kids that they might hear trying to justify it.
I've just made the decision now

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isabellerossignol Wed 19-Aug-20 03:44:50

I'm pretty sure you can reject any item from your online shop and they will just refund you. Check the ASDA website, I'm sure it will tell you.

Even if they wouldn't refund you, you'd be better to refuse to accept them and lose the price of ten cans of cider than risk drinking them.

CiderJolly Wed 19-Aug-20 03:46:02

I don’t know, you could phone them in the morning and check their policy.

Well done on taking back control.

CornishTiger Wed 19-Aug-20 03:46:10

Yes it will be a straight forward. Sorry no longer required and hand back.

Boomclaps Wed 19-Aug-20 03:47:59

When you reject they can just put “No longer required”

Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 03:53:59

Will it be that easy??
I just cant deal with having the conversation.
I've really really made the decision tonight
I'm done, I cant drink casually, normally
I've got to deal with the can I have left, and the 3/4 of a litre of vodka.
I dont need the 10 cans
I've decided tonight I'm done.
I have a problem.
I cant say it
But I need to stop now

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Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 03:56:15

I need help.
I need a hand hold.
I've got simeone from AA ringing tomorrow.
I'm ready to engage again
Thing is I really mean it this time.
I'm done with it..

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isabellerossignol Wed 19-Aug-20 03:56:36

Can you pour what's in your house down the sink, right now? That would be a start, you'd feel like you have taken the first step.

isabellerossignol Wed 19-Aug-20 03:57:36

There are threads here on Mumsnet for support with giving up drinking. I'm sure it would help to chat to those who have been where you are. flowers

Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 04:05:02

I just dont know how to stop.
I don't want to be judged, I know my issues and I know that alcohol doesn't help them.
Thank you anyone who has replied x

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Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 04:06:54

I've poured what I have, but I dont want more coming in house tomorrow.
I hope it's just like refusing another item from a delivery service.
I've really made a real decision on this.

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GeorgiaGirl52 Wed 19-Aug-20 04:11:05

You made a brave decision. My daughter drank excessively from age 14 to age 33. She was homeless, jobless, and lost custody of her son. Then one day she said "Enough. I want something better for my life." She has been sober for four years. She has a job and a home and is getting acquainted with her son again.
I will pray that you have the same success. The first step is the hardest.

isabellerossignol Wed 19-Aug-20 04:11:56

No decent person would judge people who want to stop drinking. There are plenty of people who don't drink alcohol at all, for reasons of religion, health or mental health, or a combination of all three.

You can do this you know. Making the decision is the first step. Are you addicted physically? Do you need a drink to get through the day? Or is it more a case of not being able to stop at one or two drinks when you actually do start?

Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 04:41:05

I drink every day..
I've drank every day since I was 14 ish, I'm now 38.
Thats a huge chunk of my life, I'm cross, disgusted, angry and scared.
I know the reasons behind it, I understand why ive used alcohol as a crutch.
I just cant stop.
But I've held my hands up tonight.

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Newernewist Wed 19-Aug-20 04:45:06

If I've had a bender the night before m, I'll have a drink in the morning.
My kids sleep till after 11sh
I hide it well, but its got to the point i cant,don't want to do this.
My natural limit has reached breaking point.
I'm a scared

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isabellerossignol Wed 19-Aug-20 04:46:43

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're facing up to it now. You've got insight into why you do it (and presumably it's trauma related) so that's something that some people don't have.

What about giving your GP a ring in the morning to ask for help? I know things are weird at the moment and resources are stretched, but for your health, mental and physical, they'll want to support you and there might be services in your area who they can point you towards.

You can't undo the past but you can make the future different.

DerbyshireGirly Wed 19-Aug-20 04:50:41

You can give them back but because of current corona restrictions they have to take the items out of the bag - you can't have touched them. So tell the driver as soon as they get to your door and don't touch the bags yourself until they've removed the cans. They won't make a fuss.

Well done, you can do this.

Hangingover Wed 19-Aug-20 05:01:28

Well done you - the only way is up now!

Come on over to the no booze thread everyone is really supportive and friendly and we're all in the same boat, and everyone will help you through the start of the process as there are loads of tips that make it so much easier.

Download Alcohol Lied to Me too, it's ebook or audiobook. Not only is it really really helpful for turning your thinking upside down about alcohol it gives you the run down of all the vitamins you need etc. for the first few weeks. Daily drinks are deficient in certain things and supplimenting will help you feel less crap.

Well done again, this is the start of something new and better, I promise.

FromEden Wed 19-Aug-20 05:58:52

If you have been drinking everyday for that long you may need medical support to stop. It can be dangerous to just go cold turkey. Can you try to cut down gradually before getting medical advice?

ShreksAuntie Wed 19-Aug-20 06:05:51

You can write a short note explaining what you’ve said above and hand it to the driver. You won’t have to speak in front of your kids and the driver will return your shopping. You get a refund in 3-5 days.

Well done on taking the first step. AA are amazing and have helped lots of my friends get their life back.

Apolloanddaphne Wed 19-Aug-20 06:12:53

Well done for taking control. Just tell the delivery man they are no longer required. He isn't to know why.

OrchidJewel Wed 19-Aug-20 06:13:52

Come over to the thread hanginover has posted. There are others too,. Just read them them from the start. Tons of going through this. I also 2nd Alcohol Lied to me.

Go and ring your GP as soon as they open. They really really helped me. It's very urgent

Hangingover Wed 19-Aug-20 06:27:37

I also dont have enough praise for my local community drugs and alcohol service they were amazing.

Lobsterquadrille2 Wed 19-Aug-20 06:30:31

Hi OP, well done on your decision. Others have posted regarding your order. How much have you been drinking daily? Absolutely no judgment here - I was on four bottles of wine a day at the end and have been sober over 12 years. However it can be dangerous for some people - not all, but I was one - to stop suddenly. I second ringing your GP as soon as they are open.

I expect the AA helpline will have told you that we have Zoom meetings everywhere, all day. You can dial into one and it's even more easy and anonymous than being at a face to face meeting. You can share if you want to, or introduce yourself, but you don't have to.

Wishing you much joy in sobriety.

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