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Cramping, aching and tingling after drinking?

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PracticalMagic111 Tue 14-Jul-20 23:31:14

Over the past few months I have been drinking a lot more than I usually would, due to pressures of losing my job due to Covid amongst other things, but Iv been finding myself having a bottle of wine most nights, mostly just to relax. Some days I don't drink but majority of days I have had at least one drink.

For a few weeks now I have been experiencing stomach cramps (similar to period pain) and also aching and tingling pain in my abdomen, mostly on my upper right side but can also appear on my left side too (just below my ribs).
I am also incredibly bloated and my stomach is very hard to touch.

I know it's probably obvious that this is due to my increase of drinking but when I try to google this I can't find much information related to how I'm feeling.

Does anyone else have these feelings after drinking?

I should also mention that I have an under active thyroid (which I take medication for) and was unsure if due to this alcohol has more of an impact on my body.

thank you for any advice.

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Zofloramummy Wed 22-Jul-20 21:22:45

Might be your gall bladder?

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