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Drink Driving / Alcohol Problem - Advice

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hevs03 Tue 19-May-20 15:19:10

Hi, just some advice required in case anyone on here knows more than I do...
Brothers ex- partner was stopped for speeding yesterday and was breath tested, was found to be 5 times over the limit, to make matters worse my nephew was in the car (preschool aged). She was arrested, nephew was taken to the ex-partners friend's, they contacted my brother who is having to wait for police / social services to allow him to take nephew home (he has shared custody). Of course my initial reaction is of anger, how dare she knowingly drive whilst knowing she was drunk, let alone drive so fast to be stopped for speeding. She has job in the education sector and I wonder if she will lose her job, will social services be involved with nephew? I also like her, we have maintained a good friendly relationship and she is a great Mum when not drinking, I really would hate for her to spiral into a depression once she is at home, or if she loses her job etc. and is banned from driving, I think an automatic ban ? Also I think she could be charged with endangering my nephews life but again I don't know if that is correct. I want to be supportive to her in a distant way if that makes sense because I really think she will hit rock bottom due to this and I would hate to think she would potentially harm herself due to this event, sorry for rambling but I love my little nephew so so much but I don't believe in kicking someone when they are down and don't really know what will happen or how to be supportive to all ?

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Hohofortherobbers Wed 20-May-20 13:08:29

When my relative was stopped 5 times over the limit it was a 2 year ban, a significant fine and a driving rehab course, also admitted to being alcoholic and went into recovery with AA, as if that wasn't enough it took a further rock bottom event before the sobriety was sincere. Coming up to 1 year sober now and starting to piece life back together. Has your SIL admitted to being an alcoholic or is this the first incident?

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