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Are we drinking too much?

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tantao1 Thu 27-Feb-20 21:20:10

My husband and I have somehow fallen into the habit of drinking 1 bottle of red wine (me) and 4 big bottles of beer 3 times a week... this is too much right?
We're mid thirties, both have fairly stressful jobs and a toddler... I think we've veered off drinking for enjoyment and now it's just a lame habit in front of the tv.

The horrible thing is, I want to give this up. I quit drinking for 3 years in my twenties and felt great. I genuinely am finding it hard to see how I can give up.... I know I will feel clearer headed, sleep so much better, be happier with reduced/ no alcohol but most nights I get this "fuck it" attitude after a long day and we get a heavy take away meal in and drinks...

Eugh. Please! How do I get my mind to switch and see the booze for what it is?! How do you trick yourself to not drink every few nights?

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LolaSmiles Thu 27-Feb-20 21:24:27

If you're unhappy with how much you are drinking then it's time to change.

It sounds like you're both using alcohol as a way to switch off, which isn't uncommon but is unhealthy.

Could you find something else to do on evenings to switch off. Eg have one evening a week off to do a hobby each such as yoga or the gym. Exercise is an effective outlet for stress.

You should probably prepare yourself for the replies where some haven't so much had sherry in a trifle for a decade for fear of being intoxicated around the children and others who think the world has gone mad and of course 5 double G&Ts every night is the norm.

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