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Jason Vale, Annie Grace or Claire Pooley??

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Blimeyoreilly2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 23:14:17

Starting with dry Jan but keen to persuade myself to push on....Trying to decide which of these books to go for - can anyone give insight into which they read and to what extent the book was helpful? Thank you.

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TipseyTorvey Mon 06-Jan-20 08:08:01

I've read all three this week to get me in the right mind set. Claire Pooley is more 'me' in that she's a similar age and British so all the reference points chimed really well. Also she's very funny. Annie book was good, very similar to Allan Carr and Jason Vale in terms of picking apart the reasons and myths around drinking, how ingrained in our culture it is, when in reality its a drug like any other. All gave me a lot to think about.

Blimeyoreilly2020 Mon 06-Jan-20 23:08:47

Thanks for responding TipseyTorvey - will start with Claire Pooley on the basis she’s likely to be more ‘relatable’.

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Growingboys Tue 07-Jan-20 17:10:20

Start with CP as more interesting than the others as it's an actual story. Jason Vale and Allen Carr both similar and both good. I've not yet started Annie Grace so can't comment.

Catmaiden Mon 13-Jan-20 19:45:26

Try signing up to Annie Grace 30 day The Alcohol Experiment, it's free and really good. The book is also good (but does stuff in a slightly different order)

Northernsoullover Mon 13-Jan-20 20:10:52

The problem with CP (imo) is that it is a story. I read it first then JV. I wish I'd read him first because its quit lit rather than a story. Although since I have read most quit lit the one I felt the best is Craig Beck Alcohol Lied to Me.

BentNeckLady Mon 13-Jan-20 20:11:46

Alan Carr smile

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