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Day 2

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GrumpyMug2 Sat 26-Oct-19 20:51:24

I am a long time member but started a whole new account for this as so ashamed.

I have been drinking 1-2 bottles of wine at worst or 4-5 beers a night at best for god knows how long

Came down with a horrific cold yesterday morning and didn't drink last night. It's now 20:50 and I haven't drunk. I feel fine bar the cold which now feels considerably better.

So 48 hours nearly. Terrified about withdrawal and DTs and dropping down dead owing to withdrawal but feel fine so far (bit hot but under a blanket and still have a cold). I really really don't want to drink again. It was ruining my life slowly. I am a "functioning" alcoholic.

Just wanted to chat to someone as don't have anyone to talk to irl

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SpamChaudFroid Sat 26-Oct-19 21:16:25

Well done for facing the problem OP.

There's a misconception that someone has to hit rock bottom in order to recover from addictions. What's actually needed in order to make a change is a moment of clarity, and that's what you're having now. smile

Now, could you ring 101 and tell them you are 2 days into alcohol withdrawal and take their advice? Or at the very least can you get a friend to stay over in case you fit?

Make an appointment with your GP and as well as prescribing you the correct vitamins etc, they should be able to signpost you towards addiction disorder support.

Make plans about how you'll change your evening routine so there isn't a yawning 4 hour wine gap every evening.

In 3 months you'll wonder why the fuck you ever drank because you're sleeping better, look 5 years younger, and yuk, who'd want to drink something that strips tar from metal anyway?

GrumpyMug2 Sat 26-Oct-19 21:39:43

I don't really want to have any medical people involved. I feel fine but know the symptoms can come on quickly.

I have been taking vitamin B tablets and multivitamins, been drinking loads of water and herbal tea.

I know I absolutely don't want to drink again and I know that probably sounds naive but it is like you described as a moment of clarity

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GrumpyMug2 Sun 27-Oct-19 15:01:46

Just going to update here for my own sake. Now 3pm, watched crap TV all last night and was ok. Been to shops and resolutely walked straight past all the alcohol. Bought new books to read, and dug out an old adult colouring books. Got some yummy food for later.

Already finding that I have more energy. Still no withdrawal symptoms.

Had a few thoughts about wouldn't it be nice to have a few glasses but just trying to distract myself. More crap TV tonight I think.

64 hours down

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iamyourequal Sun 27-Oct-19 22:18:17

Well done GrumpyMug2 you are doing really well. I find reading sober blogs and books really helpful. I do this every evening for a bit whether I feel weak or otherwise. I don’t have medical knowledge but perhaps getting a GP appointment tomorrow might do you a lot of good, provide some support and put your mind at rest about withdrawal? These things can be really hard to do alone. Best of luck. Colouring in is helpful. I treated myself to fancy pens on AF day 3! Other helpers for me are hot baths, and early nights, fizzy drinks and ice cream. I think I’m regressing back to the comforts of childhood.

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