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Probably been asked before....

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tracybe Sun 11-Aug-19 15:55:06

So my husband has always drank everynight but its increasingly become more alcohol every night...approx 58 units a week. He seems to be suffering from maybe some kind of depression as his personal hygiene has gone down hill rapidly and he doesn't seem to care about him self or anyone else,it's like he's checked out of's not at home he is drinking it's at the pub...he was also hiding alcohol not hard stuff but cider...he manages to go to work everyday still

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rupertpenryswife Mon 12-Aug-19 13:28:28

Hi that sounds like a difficult situation, alcohol can cause depression but when people are depressed they also drink.

What does your DH say is he communicating with you? Have you spoken to him about his drinking? Has anything happened recently to cause this change?

Ultimately it needs to come from him but he may not realise how bad things are. I suggest you try to talk to him when he not been drinking if possible.

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