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Wankerbastards and summer sunshine will make us want the bloody wine. But tryers to be dryers won't give up, and ice cold becks blue we will sup.

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Frouby Tue 16-Jul-19 18:41:30

Thread 7 for the tryers.

Join us for tips and support for encouraging a more healthy relationship with alcohol. Whether you want to drink less, or not at all, stay in your units or just cut down this is the thread for friendship, support, tips and ideas.

Absolutely no judgements here, but there will possibly be swearing.

Other threads are dotted around but I have yet to master a clicky link.

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Dionysa Tue 16-Jul-19 19:15:12

Thread 7!

Thank you, Frouby. 😎

Becks Blue so far tonight, but I am desperate for something bigger and better. FML.

longestlurkerever Tue 16-Jul-19 19:48:41

Thank you Frouby, and Dion for the clicky link!

NC4Now Tue 16-Jul-19 21:24:51

Evening all! Yoga and Earl Grey here. All very zen...

Rightwayup Tue 16-Jul-19 21:30:16


Dionysa Tue 16-Jul-19 21:58:28

Boo to you, Rightway grin

No yoga here, NC4, but two bottles of Becks Blue. I had not been going to because of the calories though I never count the calories in gin, so fuck knows how that is logical but it was desperate measures.

I did at least limp through the evening. I would like to say I blitzed the house and did useful things, but I faffed around on the internet, with DD wittering away at me about the X Factor.

That's Day Two done (or Day 1.5, if you count yesterday's lunchtime half of lager). Day Three won't happen, though, as I'm going out tomorrow night.

longestlurkerever Tue 16-Jul-19 22:51:36

Well done Dion! Know what you mean about the calories in fake beer- somehow less worth it! cf: cost of it!

My evening has been similar. Came in from kite flying (was sweet, there was no wind but all the kids ran like mad to make them fly!) and have been slobbed out watching telly. Fell asleep on sofa. At least was AF. Just had text from friend suggesting pub tomorrow though.

Flossie44 Tue 16-Jul-19 23:02:58

Hi you lovely lot.
Thanks frouby for the new thread. You are an absolute star. Love the title!! Thread 7!! What a lovely bunch!!

NC4 - I did yoga this morning, Twas fabulous. Only two of us in the class and a very good friend as the teacher. Felt incredible and a real soulful session. Only difference is, I didn’t hit the earl grey!! I was a twat and hit the wine tonight!! Ffs.

Dion - day 2!! You go girl!!

Madame - you ok hunny?? said..have been a bit awol as have drunk too much the last few days and felt stupid posting here as so out of control again. Went to a bbq sat and got smashed!! Was v moderate last week so feel by drinking lots sat, it hit me more than ever!! Have carried on too!! Ffs. I can moderate well..then when I fall off the wagon, I do it good and proper!!

thisnamechanger Wed 17-Jul-19 01:09:46

settles in

Massage was fab but wore the wrong pants blush

Hopefully yoga tomorrow and Thursday. AF here tonight and yesterday thank God. Need a dry spell but it's so hard. I also go crazy hard after having a "good week" flossie

Frouby Wed 17-Jul-19 07:06:50

Morning all

Very zen in here, all yoga and massage and healthy outdoor pursuits.

Nothing much to report from sunny south Yorkshire. Dd is off to Belgium for 5 days tomorrow morning. She is coming down with something as well ffs. Has a sore throat and all snotty. Need to remember to pick paracetamol and ibuprofen up for her to take with her later. Said she could stay home today but she wanta to go as it's the last day for her this year and her favourite maths teacher is leaving so she has bought a card and chocolates.

Am very looking forward to the school holidays even though ds will drive me daft. Will be lovely to not have to dash around on the school run twice a day. Will still work but only a few hours a day 4 days a week.

Have lots of day trips I want to do as well. Plus ponies, allotment and kayaking. I might start doing pilates, there's a session at the boathouse on a Wednesday evening. Will be handy for riding. Oh and lovely cousin wants to do some bike rides as well.

Have rode my bike (which was actually dds) once in the last 20 years. And it made my arse hurt and I couldn't walk after so that might not end well. Cousin does 20km in 60 minutes. Took me 40 mins to do 3km 😂😂.

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Dionysa Wed 17-Jul-19 08:07:22

Summer holiday plans sound fab, Frouby (apart from sore bottom). I am already sick of the school holidays. DD was drooping around yesterday afternoon moaning about being "so bored". All her friends are on holiday, and have been since the beginning of July. I said I could find her lots of jobs to do, but she didn't seem to like that idea. DS (having also moaned about being bored) then chipped in to say that it was her own fault for spending all day doing nothing. So they had a big row as a way to spend some time. FML.

I love your outdoor tales, Longest.

thisname, what are the wrong pants for massage? 😂 I only have very boring pants, with some extra boring Granny ones specially for medical appointments.

Flossie, don't beat yourself up. You have done so well with moderating recently. And don't ever feel stupid posting here. Whatever you have done, I have done far worse blush.

leavingAqaba Wed 17-Jul-19 08:49:10

Hi all. flossie I'm in the same boat. I can't grasp the moderating again because there is always some other shit going on. Nothing that is a massive deal but always some little things that take head space, there is a lot going on at work, unexpected issues, high maintenance staff. Over heard kids talking at the tea table last night about a computer game which involved machine guns which I then discovered was being played at summer camp, looked it up - age rated 18 "teams of terrorists battle to perpetrate acts of terror..." FFS Looked up my endlessly hurting fried egg tits before going to sleep. So that's a perimeno thing. Great only a decade or so of that then. FML. Dion you beat me too it. What are the wrong pants for a massage?? I need to know.

NC4Now Wed 17-Jul-19 09:04:30

From experience, mesh backed pants are not great for a massage. However, my most bizarre massage was in India when the yogi bloke hoiked up my sensible and substantial pants into a wedgie and started pummelling my arse. After that, I have no inhibitions.

Flossie it’s so easy done. I seem to be doing ok with weekday drinking but I need to crack the weekends. I’ve realised as I have no off switch that I can’t drink at all unless I’m prepared to get smashed. That’s the next thing for me to work on.

Pilates will be good Frouby. In fact your whole summer sounds ace. I need to plan a few activities, but it’s hard to find something we all enjoy.

I love flying kites longest. That might be one to book in for a windy day. In fact I think there’s a kite festival if I haven’t missed it.

longestlurkerever Wed 17-Jul-19 09:22:44

Agh Dion re bored kids. Dd1's friends all go away for the whole summer as well - to family in Italy and Greece and Sweden or other jealousy- inducing places, especially as they all seem to have the kind of creative industry jobs that can support an amazing house and nanny while also being there for school pick up and taking the whole summer off. It's maddening. Still, who wants to spend their Summer Greek-island hopping on board some yacht anyway? Bet they are jealous of my week in Wales...

How will you for working in around DS being at home Frouby? Will DH be there or will he entertain himself? Or is DD in charge? I have the odd day or part day of working from home around dd1 scheduled in but am a bit nervous about it. She tends to manage am hour or two then the moment I get on some long telephone call she starts crashing around causing havoc. Going to mix it up with the free sports camp and adventure playground I think so will be working from parks like a proper hipster.

Aw, thanks Dion. Got in and a Facebook friend who moved to the countryside had posted pics of her kids doing the exact same thing with the Beavers except it had a backdrop of the sun setting over rolling Sussex hills instead of the Ally Pally carpark, so I suddenly felt a bit rubbish. Going out tonight with friend who moved to proper hippy commune in the sticks though so hoping to hear tales of how it's not all it's cracked up to be! Got Paris friends coming over for a bbq on Friday too and Sheffield cousin staying at the weekend so will be a sociable week

Tool lovely lad with us on the bus though - he's a year or two older than dd1 and so sweet with dd2, I wonder if dd1 might mature a bit in the next year or two. Here's hoping.

longestlurkerever Wed 17-Jul-19 09:27:10

Leaving- overheard dd1 saying to DH that the boys play terrorists at school. DH's response - "fucksake really?"

longestlurkerever Wed 17-Jul-19 09:29:44

I'm not totally sure I like massage. It feels nice but I am a bit of a prude about people touching me. A mum from school is doing a course so I agreed to be guinea pig but was a bit cringe. Prefer a jacuzzi.

SenselessUbiquity Wed 17-Jul-19 10:11:41

thanks for the new thread. I've crashed through my 10 unit limit for the week already. So booze free from here.

Fistbumps to Dion and Longest on the summer childcare angst. Feel your pain.

Right I HAVE to work. Shoot me if you see me on mn today.

have a good day all

leavingAqaba Wed 17-Jul-19 10:15:15

longest but did the school lay on terrorist-related activities to encourage it though?
When I said I need to know regarding massage pants that's only because I'm nosy. I'm like you longest over any non-essential professional services involving my body ah god cringe cringe get me get of here stop wasting my time when can I go stop touching me stop looking at me stop existing grin

leavingAqaba Wed 17-Jul-19 10:16:24

senseless I know a kid with some sniper skills....

longestlurkerever Wed 17-Jul-19 10:32:58

Oh the game playing was school-sanctioned? Ffs!

LarryDuff Wed 17-Jul-19 11:40:54

Hi all, newbie here so probably too late to join in but I'm on day 8 so I thought I've earned some kind of a badge but I can't really share it in real life smile

Usual story for me, working in a job that makes me miserable (most of the time), parenting a young child, not much of a social life so ended up drinking at home as a release but it's gone from fri/sat to most days and it's not fun any more.

Things that have worked for me so far are reading The Sober Diaries (I managed to get through last weekend on pure inspiration from that! - but it's wearing off a bit now). I've been drinking Heineken zero which I personally prefer to Becks Blue but I'm looking for some tips on fake wine, particularly a nice crisp dry white that is close enough to the real thing.

leavingAqaba Wed 17-Jul-19 11:42:40

It was in the 'computer games' timetabled as part of the summer camp at the school. It seems a special happy holiday selection of games has been added. Both me and DH, as I think I've mentioned, have worked in human conflict all our working lives, warfare, international law associated with conflict, it's humanitarian impact etc and coincidentally or otherwise we police exposure to violence in games, films etc with our boys perhaps more than most. I think this is a good example of how normalized this kind of play is in many circles. The school is international but I strongly suspect that the summer club staffing will have a more local flavour.

leavingAqaba Wed 17-Jul-19 11:44:16

x-post larry welcome. Well done on day 8, good stuff.

thisnamechanger Wed 17-Jul-19 14:45:39

I’ve realised as I have no off switch that I can’t drink at all unless I’m prepared to get smashed. That’s the next thing for me to work on

This is basically me too NC4 which is why I need to move towards AF not moderation sad

Urgh, I have no idea why I wore the stupid pants but tbf I didn't realise it was a whole body massage. I booked it in a fit of heebie jeebies at the last minute and didn't really ask any questions. Basically DP used to buy me loads of very pretty tiny undies before he realised they're hell to wear all day, but I very occasionally grab a pair when all my GIANT shortie black ones are in the wash. This particular pair are a seamless thong back pink pair from Victoria's secret that look like they should be quite comfy if you can get past the thong part but they're so narrow in the gusset (which may be my new favourite expression, possible title for autobiography) that they move around a lot and she did excessive arse kneading and sort of swooshed them off centre blush I know she's probably seen worse but it was so hot in there as well that I sweated a bit and the wretched pink dye transfered onto the bloody towel. Back and neck only in future.

thisnamechanger Wed 17-Jul-19 14:56:49

I've just realised I could have phased this better "Basically DP used to buy me loads of very pretty tiny undies before he realised they're hell to wear all day" grin

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