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Drinking too much

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AlwaysSunshine81 Tue 15-Jan-19 22:05:12

Probably so many posts on here about this.
I’m a single parent to 3 girls aged 16, 12 and 4. Split up with 4 yr olds Dad 20 months ago. After 10 months of him living with his parents he moved in with another woman. He has constantly lied throughout the whole of our relationship.
So last Sunday he sent me a whatsapp message saying his GF was pregnant and then 2 days later she had it.
I’m messed up. I’m coming out of it now but it completely screwed mw up last week, baring in mind he has been telling me throughout how he’s so unhappy and wants me back and loves me, like everyday.
I’m drinking in the evenings cos I’m so fed up and lovely and I know it’s not right 😩

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Wolfiefan Tue 15-Jan-19 22:08:34

He’s messing with your head. You’re well rid!
I’m so sorry he’s put you through this. You need to focus on what makes you feel better about yourself and being there for your kids.
It’s been nearly two years. Time to build a new happy life for yourself. Good luck.

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