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Trying to stop drinking

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taylorsmummy2017 Thu 04-Oct-18 23:04:33

So here's the back story, I grew up with an alcoholic dad and watching him I hated who he became after drinking but now in some awful twist of fate I've become him........Iv had the worst year imaginable so In true me style I done what I do best started creeped up more and more Iv fallen out with just about everyone nearly ruined my marriage and just don't know what to do anymore sad does anyone have any input or advice Iv not drank in 6 days I know that's not a lot especially as all the damage is already done

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Daftasabroom Sun 07-Oct-18 22:26:15

Things can always be rebuilt.

Check out Annie Grace and The Alcohol Experiment. Your on the road already.

taylorsmummy2017 Sun 07-Oct-18 22:36:35

I don't think this all can be but thank you it's now been 9 days lol

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thighofrelief Tue 09-Oct-18 00:28:58

OP brilliant work on doing 9 days. I will have done 6 years on 12 October. It took me so, so many tries to get a month under my belt. After a month I felt I had something to work with. I had truly royally fucked up my life. Everyone has forgiven me now and I never think about drinking. You can do this.

taylorsmummy2017 Tue 09-Oct-18 05:21:42

Well done you that's such an achievement I'm not even thinking about it now it's just meant Iv actually had to remember why I'm sad but I should be sad after all Iv been through

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