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Alcoholic? Alcoholism?

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Usagii Thu 14-Jun-18 09:58:23

This is maybe my second time posting in this topic. I posted once that I have a problem and subsequently ran away from any support I got sad

Since stopping breastfeeding last year when my baby was 5 months, my drinking habit is pretty bad and I'm worrying about the future health implications. Not to mention it's definitely preventing me from losing weight.

I drink every single night. Whether I'm alone or with my partner (he is also a heavy drinker so that doesn't help). On a heavy night I might have two bottles of wine and a couple of gins. Easily. If I'm by myself I'll have 1 to 1 and a half bottles of wine. When I saw the story in the DM today about the lady who died from drinking 15 units, that scared me. As two bottles of wine is 18 units.

The father of my toddler is not in the picture and until I started seeing my partner in March I've been raising him alone. So after a hard day I really look forward to relaxing with a glass bottle of wine... My partner is now like a father to him and I'm happier than ever. But the drinking still continues.

How can I distract myself in the evenings? Do I gradually reduce? I don't want to stop drinking completely but I want to be able to drink on weekends only like "normal" people...? Is it worth going to the GP? Not sure what they can do.

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Madmarchpear Thu 14-Jun-18 10:10:36

What time do you start drinking?
My urge to drink starts at about 4pm so I force myself to eat a big early tea with the kids with loads of juice.
It's a constant battle though and I really sympathise. I know I need to look into other ways to deal with the hectic evenings but being from a long line of people who self medicate with alcohol I find it hard not to give in.
I amazed myself by doing dry january with no physical withdrawals and I can easily do a bottle without feeling that drunk. The dry forums on mumsnet are great too with lots of practical advice and non judgemental.

Madmarchpear Thu 14-Jun-18 10:15:19

Oh yes and sobriety apps where you physically check in everyday. It's so satisfying to see the calendar fill with non drinking days. But I'm no saint OP. I can still fall off the wagon spectacularly! But since trying to rein it in since Jan I'm about 25% better.

ADarkandStormyKnight Sat 16-Jun-18 22:27:26

Is your partner supportive of you tackling this?

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Sat 16-Jun-18 22:34:59

Well done for coming back OP.

You are not drinking so much that going cold turkey will affect you physically.

You need proper help. Your GP, AA, or another alcohol support service.

In the meantime, can you take it one day at a time? Get rid of all the booze in your house.

It will be difficult if your partner wants to keep drinking though.

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