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Is 3 units a night OK?

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ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 11:20:33

I worked out by drinking my normal amout last night, and then measuring the remaining wine this morning in a jug then calculating the differerence (I know, I know - anal or what..!) then going on an alcohol calculating thing that I had 25cl of wine last night which equalled 3 units - which is standard for me and rarely deviates unless I am out out. I mean that's OK isn't it? I have the odd night off - not regularly but when I feel like i want a night of soft drinks and ovaltine etc. I recently had full blood/urine tests done and everything was fine, liver, cholesterol, kidney, insulin levels, iron. I was delighted of course. I told the Doc my alcohol intake and she didn't even raise an eyebrow so can it really be doing me any harm? I question it because there is so much stuff said about drinking and it freaks me out. My Mum is 84 and has drunk wine every night for as long as I can remember and she is in fine fettle. I also walk an hour daily wiht the dogs and workout 3-4 times a week. Does this impact bad habits positively?

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PaddyF0dder Mon 02-Apr-18 11:26:05

That’s 21 units a week. And you’re drinking a very day basically.

If you’re worried, as you seem to be, then you already know the answer. You’re just trying to justify yourself.

happymummy12345 Mon 02-Apr-18 11:40:35

I drink a bottle of wine a night. So I have a way more than you are.

Anglaise1 Mon 02-Apr-18 11:41:05

I drink that Fri, Sat and Sun, AF in the week. I used to drink twice as much as you do. I don't think your drinking excessive, but would be worried about drinking every night as there is some sort of dependency there. Could you try going without at least 2 nights a week?

RoadToRivendell Mon 02-Apr-18 11:46:40

I'm teetotal three nights a week, and fairly permissive with myself the other four. Start with one night off, and work up from there.

Daily drinking is very hard on your liver.

Oddcat Mon 02-Apr-18 11:52:48

Do you know why you drink every night ? Is it a habit ? Do you rush to get home so you can drink ? Could you stop easily ?

Sorry for so many questions but it seems something that's a bit of a concern to you.

ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 12:40:22

Thanks all - I do have the odd night off, not regularly but when I feel like it.
Oddcat No, I don't rush home to drink. I don't have a wine until 9pm and I look forward to it - if I don't fancy it I don't have it - but I usually do fancy it! It is definitely a habit...laptop open, 9 o'clock is wine o'clock.

Some evenings if I am rehearsing I won't be home until after 10 so will have one then. Not sure how easily I could stop tbh. I mean if I cannot drink for whatever reason (driving, performing) then it doesn't bother me, nor do I thikn about it or crave it but I will look forward to a drink when I get home.
I actually hate being drunk and suffer wtih hangovers if I go over the top on a night out. If I had a bottle it would render me useless the next day anyway so I don't do it.

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gamerwidow Mon 02-Apr-18 12:45:10

It's over the recommended amount so long term probably isn't great for your health. If you had two alcohol free days a week that would be better for your liver.

gamerwidow Mon 02-Apr-18 12:47:25

Also you're obviously a little bit worried about it otherwise you wouldn't have posted. I think it would put your mind at rest to know it really isn't a problem if you did 2 days on and one day off or similar.

AuntieStella Mon 02-Apr-18 12:50:12

Your health seems fine now, but alcohol damage is cumulative, so the current absence of issues isn't something to rely on.

21 units a week is high, not because 3 units a day is too high of itself looking ta one day only, but because you are drinking this every day.

If you had two alcohol free days a week, and then 3 units max on other days, then you'd be drinking in an unexceptionally moderate way. It's usually better to get into the habit of not drinking every day before an opposite and heavier-drinking habit takes hold.

The 'baby steps' approach towards problem drinking is very common.

NorthernLurker Mon 02-Apr-18 12:50:23

You do sound like you are dependant on it tbh. Can you try a day off and build from there. What could you replace wine with?

GrumpyPantz Mon 02-Apr-18 12:51:27

Usually I drink only on Fri/Sat, i.e. weekend evenings when I don't have to get up the next day. 3 units in one go isn't a concern but I'd be worried if I was drinking every single day.

RoadToRivendell Mon 02-Apr-18 12:59:18

The problem with health issues related to alcohol is that they're nearly impossible to monitor in something like half the cases of cirrohsis, for example. You can test your liver function, but it might not reveal damage soon enough to reverse it.

No judgement here, I love alcohol and would happily drink a bottle of red wine a day. I'm strictly on a liver damage-avoidance programme, hence the 3 nights of teetotaling.

Oddcat Mon 02-Apr-18 13:04:20

Not sure how easily I could stop tbh.

If I don't fancy it I don't have it- but I usually do fancy it

These would ring distant warning bells for me.

ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 13:31:15

Hmmm- a couple of alcohol free nights per week seems key. I'll give that a go. To be honest, it is more the fact that I want to be able to take it or leave it rather than fearing any dependency type thing.

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ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 13:33:09

|AuntieStella That sounds reasonable. Thank you :-)

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LemonysSnicket Mon 02-Apr-18 14:38:21

So one large glass a night? Far better than my intake tbh

ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 15:21:37

LemonySnicket - I make it two smaller glasses and have a glass of tonic water or a bitter lemon inbetween glasses. Yes, that is the sum total. I guess I was asking intiallly because I thnk that seems reasonable yet it is above the recommened amount which seems so low.

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ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 15:23:45

Oddcat I'm not sure how easily i could stop it becaue I have never really tried. I do get a pang of conscience from time to time (now for example!) and then there will teh the odd night when i don;t drink because I either don;t want to or circumstances do not permit (driving to collect dd1 for example)

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RoadToRivendell Mon 02-Apr-18 15:25:04

I was sidetracked by the '3 units' business. So, one (large) glass a night? It's too much, yes, but you're in better shape than giant swathes of the country.

Oddcat Mon 02-Apr-18 15:27:46

The good thing is that you're thinking about it , maybe have a week with no booze and see if you find it easy to not drink , if it's ok then it's obviously not a problem, if you really struggle then you'll know you might have something to address. smile

ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 15:29:15

RoadToRivendell - yes it amounts to one large glass but i have that amount over an evening in to two glasses with a soft drink inbetween. I think maybe I shall try a few nights off per week. See how that goes.

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ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 15:31:06

oddcat Yes I will try that. Teh only time in recent years when Ihave not had a drink for a year at a go was when I was pg and breastfeeding my two children. Bearing in mind my youngest is now 11 and my eldest is 20 that is quite a while!

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Frouby Mon 02-Apr-18 15:38:51

There is a thread on alcohol support called Not Dry January I started just after Christmas OP. We are all trying to moderate our intake. Maybe post there if you are looking for support.

Sometimes we achieve what we want, sometimes we don't but it helps having others to celebrate our successes and support our struggles.

ThespianTendencies Mon 02-Apr-18 15:41:08

I joined that at the outset Frouby but I lost the flow as there were so many on it - I will hop back over, thank you :-)

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