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Heavy drinking husband and subsequent ill health

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Namechangedtoscream Wed 31-Jan-18 21:02:53

My DH is a recovering alcoholic who swears blind he's not touched any alcohol since last year. This is after a year of abstinence following pancreatitis that left him in ICU (he started drinking after a year then ended up in hospital with pancreatitis again). As far as he's telling me he's been sober since.

Last night he was admitted to hospital again with suspected pancreatitis and I suspect he's not telling me the full story. He tells me the bloods for pancreatitis are clear but his inflammatory markers were raised. A scan today ruled out gallstones but showed his liver was "glowing" Google tells me this is fatty liver that will go after 2 weeks of not drinking so has he been drinking?! He says it's inconsequential and that actually he's got a stomach ulcer and was discharged home on omeprazole.

I don't trust him on this.

I'm also 8+4 weeks pregnant at the moment and pretty unwell with the pregnancy.

I guess I'm just after some help really

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HopeClearwater Tue 13-Feb-18 18:05:54

Well he’s lying isn’t he. Did you find that out?

Phosphorus Tue 13-Feb-18 18:08:13

Fatty liver isn't always alcohol related.

He is quite likely telling the truth.

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