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Alcoholic Mother

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Itsjustme1 Fri 08-Sep-17 00:51:27

Hi guys,

A bit lost and looking for help and where better than here?

So as the title suggests, my mum is an alcoholic, always has been for as long as I can remember (I'm 26).

She has been through so much through her life, loss of her sister, losing custody battle of her nieces, loss of two babies of her own quite far on in pregnancy, depression, suicide attempt, loss of her mum, cheating dad and so on.

I really don't blame her for how she is but it's getting to a point now where it can't go on anymore. I have just had to take my 3 month old DS to hers after receiving a call from my poor dad that she's fallen out of bed p*ssed up, smashed her face in and denied having anything to drink. She has been like this before plenty of times, but I'm truly scared and going to lose her and my dad is considering leaving her sad I've done some research and there's some places I'm going to call tomorrow.

I just wondered if anyone's had a similar experience where there has been a happy ending.

Tia xx

Tatlerer Sun 22-Oct-17 21:03:28

Hello. No happy ending here (yet-but I'm not holding my breath!) but wanted you to know you are not alone.
My mum is an alcoholic too, probably always has been but I first noticed it in my early teens. My Dad called me yesterday to say that she's going on holiday on her own on Tuesday (she books all inclusives and treats then like massive benders, when she's not on one at home of course). My Dad has refused to go with her, I really admire him for that.
Over the years I've tried to find counsellors, rehab centres- you name it, but there's always been some excuse or another.
It's come to the point when I don't really want her to have a relationship with her only grandchild (my little girl, age 4).
Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to say that you are not alone flowers

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