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His drinking has taken over

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eve34 Sun 30-Jul-17 08:42:58

The drinking has just escalated over the last 6 months. He is out 8/10 hours at a time. Every night The money just makes me want to weep.

He says he isn't happy with me. He is between jobs and life is stressful.

6 months ago we were decorating. Had lovely Christmas together and were in such a good place.

How can I make him see that his drinking is causing this. That if he just cut back and started to join in family life he could feel better.

He has moved out this week. Guess he doesn't have to put up with my nagging now.

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mumonashoestring Sun 30-Jul-17 08:48:14

The short answer is, you can't. You can't make him face up to anything, you can't fix him, you can't make everything better for him.

Practically speaking all I'd suggest you do at this stage is try to protect your own finances, not let him drink all of your money away, and seek support from a group such as Al-Anon to help you understand that this is not your responsibility to fix.

eve34 Sun 30-Jul-17 09:15:06

Thank you for taking the time to reply. He is better then this x

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