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Binge drinking

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Namechange798 Sat 27-May-17 13:48:32

I need some help please. Most weekends I go out and drink excessively. I'll drink so much that I don't know the time. obce I start drinking I can't stop and keep going till I have to go to bed which is often the very early hours of the morning. I will then argue with my dh for no reason. This is happening every weekend. I won't drink at all in the week though. I want to stop drinking but don't know how with social occasions

Earlybird Sat 27-May-17 15:18:47

It sounds like you have a problem with alcohol.

Maybe aim for an alcohol-free week as a start? When people ask, simply tell them you are not drinking for a week. Don't elaborate.

More long term, might be worth seeking out an AA meeting near you. They could advise about how to resist over-indulging in social situations. Perhaps they could also help you understand the binge part of your drinking, and give you some practical strategies to change your behaviour.

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