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I'm an alcoholic and can't stop

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lbab1702 Sat 06-May-17 23:03:28

I'm back to drinking wine daily, every evening. I have bottles hidden in my room so my teenage daughter doesn't know I'm doing it. I have always drunk a lot, from 15 onwards. I've also been very fit and active, have a good job etc. I'm a single parent, met my daughter's father while drunk at 36, he also drank a lot. We split shortly after she was born (domestic violence) and I've probably continued with my drink problem ever since. I'm was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at 50, and that scared me so much that I stopped drinking for 2 years. My daughter now has had an eating disorder for the last year and is under the care of Cahms though hasn't improved, and I've hit the bottle again. I feel so low and rubbish about myself, and have mental battles everyday about not buying wine, but I always crack and drink a bottle a night. I know I need to stop but right now I've no motivation to even want to.

Jimcanna Sun 07-May-17 21:33:48

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling, i don't really have much advice to offer.

I believe there's a good support thread, maybe in relationships? Brave babes or something like that.

Hopefully someone will come along and offer more than i can.

Karcheer Mon 29-May-17 19:42:54

Get yourself to an AA meeting and go to as many meetings as you can, 2 a day.

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