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Is this moderate drinking a problem?

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NolongerAnxiousCarer Sun 23-Apr-17 11:28:33

DH is an alcoholic, he openly admits to this. In the past it has been a real problem with full on alcohol dependance, withdrawal etc. Following this there were a number of years where he didn't drink at all. He then started to have the occasional pint socially or can at home and was able to stop at that. Currently he seems to be struggling not to go to the pub everyday. He drives to the pub as a way of limiting his drinking, he has a brethyliser kit in his car and will check he is under the limit before driving. He tells me he spaces alcoholic drinks with soft drinks and goes for the company/to see his mates. He doesn't arrange this with them in advance, he goes to the pub to see if they are there. He never comes home drunk and in that respect I've got nothing to complain about. My complaint is that he seems to find it very difficult not to go to the pub even if we have arranged to do something together. I hardly see him any more. The behaviour I see in him regarding going to the pub to me feels like addictive behaviour. He will go even if he can't afford it and run up a tab he has to pay off when he gets paid, or use his credit card. If he does stay home he will often open a can and not finish it. It's almost like he's addicted to the place rather than the alcohol...

We consider both his parents to be high functioning alcoholics, their lives seem to revolve arround alcohol although they both hold down responsible jobs.

There are other issues at play too, serious mental health problems, guilt arround their impact on me. He has sited this guilt as why he's struggling to spend time with me. We are waiting for family therapy to work through that.

Karcheer Mon 29-May-17 19:46:48

Yes, but you know that which is why you're asking the question.
An alcoholic has to abstain 100%.

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