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Can I get some advices please

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Meissa Mon 21-Nov-16 21:25:13

Hi all
My DS is in year 2 , end of last year he had a new teacher witch Is our neighbour's fiancé , and she is the same teacher for this year .since she started last year she was very careful with me and she tried to avoid me each time
But this year is very ovious that she doesn't like my child or even me
My DS is well behaved calm and one of the brightest children of his class
When he start to get grumpy every day and he refuse to go to school bCz of his teacher
He said she is ignoring him always , scaring him shouting at him in front of his friends even if wasn't his fault , blaming him, to the point that he start to get angry and go sit down by him self so no one can see his anger and he told me I feel like I wish that she desepear
He told me mum 7 months left till summer so I go to year 3 and I don't see her any more
I don't like her she is not nice at all
I did try and try to talk to her and last week I did ask if I can I speak to her this afternoon she said ok , when I went she bring with her the phase leader no idea why like she was ready for me , and I did ask them to help me to understand why my son's feeling .
They told me couple of thing that they will do , but after 1 week I was surprised that the teacher start to stop at any any silly thing come 's up from my son
He did this he said that his behaviour etcccc : I went for help for my son but after she came up with this stuff , she start to call me every other day to tell about my son bad staff he did in play time like a silly word to his friend
So this Friday is my second meeting with the phase leader and her , and my son was fine for the first 4 days after our first meeting but after he gets back To be sad scared and counting again till summer holiday and he want to speak to the head about his teacher he is scared
I'm really angry upset stressed , honestly each time I talk to her I cry in secret she is so fake and meaning to my child you can easily feel it and see it
What shall I do Friday when I will talk to the phase leader , I have a lot to tell but I don't want to talk a lot and make thing wors for my child and even me still 8 months lefttt
Any ideas or someone being in my situation before plese
Really appreciated and thank you for reading is a bit long smile

HollowTalk Mon 21-Nov-16 21:26:55

Did you mean to put this in Alcohol Support, OP? There won't be a lot of traffic here.

Meissa Mon 21-Nov-16 21:42:48

Oops wrong place grin

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