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PND, Addiction and kicking ass

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user1477165477 Sat 22-Oct-16 20:54:51


I am just posting to give a link to my blog
It is written by myself and a number of other people I have met on my mental health journey.
I was diagnosed with PND at 2 weeks when a Crisis Team were called to assess me and treat me from home. When my son was 4 weeks old, I took a substantial overdose of various medications essentially clearing out the entire medicine cabinet.
I spent 9 days in general hospital refusing to go to a mother and baby unit because I didn't want my baby. Another 4 weeks in an acute mental health unit ... and then I realised ... I wasn't getting out until I worked out my relationship with my son. So I ended up in a mother and baby unit.
Combined with this I am fighting a tobacco and alcohol addiction both of which came about post both.

Myself and the girl I set the blog up with have various guest writers about mental health issues so it is quite varied.

Would love any readers, would love to help people and would love to make a difference...

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