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Started outpatient detox 2 days ago and feeling pretty good

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WaverleyOwl Fri 14-Oct-16 07:35:37

Just thought I would start a thread to give hope to those facing similar and chronical my journey. Hope that's okay and helpful 😊

Tried the harm reduction approach last year with CBT and wasn't really for me. By last month I was drinking 2 bottles of wine a night and my blood results were shocking.

I am still working full time (although taking time off for this) with 2 young kids, a DH and 2 dogs to manage (DH might object but that's what it felt like), but needed to step off the merry go round to sort this out.

Whilst my health hadn't been stellar, it was really starting to suffer. Withdrawal symptoms every day (sweats, shakes, anxiety), and although minorish were affecting me and my work. Mood wasn't great and so tired ALL the time. A bit short with the kids. Then I could start to feel discomfort under my right ribs (liver) and a touch of peripheral neuropathy. Oh, and for the first time in my life, my blood pressure has been a real concern and am having to take meds for this.

To put this in context- I am 40, nice middle class girl (I mention this as I think it is sometimes a stigma for seeking help), who used wine to 'relax' in the evening. Every evening. By the bucket. I know a lot of us here have similar stories and can relate.

Anyway, I'm now on the right track. Have been prescribed Librium for the withdrawal and I feel good. Slept better the last 2 nights than in years. If it's not tmi, had some very good adult relations with my DH yesterday. Sober!

So I'll hope to keep posting updates and if anyone wants to ask questions, feel free 😊

riseshine Mon 24-Oct-16 10:39:04

How are you getting on? X

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