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Am I dependant or over-thinking?

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tryhard Thu 03-Mar-16 18:24:03

I guess I'm posting here because I fear I am dependent but then I wonder if I'm over-thinking. I love the taste of wine but now drink prosecco as it has less of an affect on me & I prefer the taste. I can easily drink a bottle of fizz (not wine, I'd feel far too hung over if I drank a bottle of wine) and will do a bottle on Fri & Sat night. I find it a struggle not to drink during the week, but unless I'm having a hard week I try not to because I want to drink at the weekend. I find I really crave wine at the same time every day - when I'm making tea for DC or when DH & I are waiting for a takeaway at the weekend. So this suggests habit? When I don't drink, I feel much clearer, better for it. I've recently lost 2 stone & eat very well so consider myself healthy aside from the drink. Is this a problem or am I over-thinking?

hayser33 Fri 04-Mar-16 07:30:57

Hi I don't think your dependant as such I just think it's a habit (one that you enjoy)
I'm the same it's every night when I'm doing the children's dinner I think to myself-gosh I could drink a wine . Alot of my friends say they feel the same .
I find once I get passed 6.30 the feeling passes then I'm happy to sit and drink a soft drink or tea.
Try to keep it to yr weekends but gradually have a bit less -I could easily drink 2 bottles Fri and Sat and sometimes Sunday. I know that is far too much obviously so I've told my partner we will be having one bottle each then I'm gradually going to get it down to half.
I love a drink so I don't want to give up completely but I think when one starts to worry about Alchol consumption there could slowly start to become a problem.
This wine business seems to be a massive issue nowadays!
Try not too worry too much though just be aware and keep yourself busy in the week then on Fridays you can enjoy it (moderately smile) x

Sometimesithinkimbonkers Fri 04-Mar-16 07:47:12

Tryhard I'm exactly the same... Prosecco I can scoff a bottle but wine I'm sloshed after 2 glasses!
We try to just drink at the weekends so we can look forward to relaxing and don't have stress following day.
I eat really well and go to the gym 4 X per week.

Rachcakes Wed 10-Aug-16 21:17:20

I was talking about wine to my physio, as I could do to lose a bit of weight. She told me its the sugar in wine that is addictive.
That makes sense to me, as I can have one or two G&Ts or beers and leave it at that, but I find it hard to stop drinking wine and always finish the bottle.

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