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Help & advice needed please.

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MartyMcfly1992 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:38:19

My wife is 9 weeks pregnant and she won't stop drinking. She has had drinking problems in the past and ended up nearly loosing her job as she always called in sick to stay home and drink. Things stabled out after about 6 months and then we fell pregnant which is fantastic. We both were so happy when we found out. She never fully stopped drinking but she could control it. I work some evening and don't get home until late. I suspect she has been drinking when I get home but can't prove it. She keeps saying 'can I just get a little bottle of wine'? I say it's better not to and sometimes she listens others she doesn't and buys a little bottle. I don't want to stress her out but can't cope with knowing she's drinking more than she tells me about. I came home today and she had a little bottle that she was drinking but I later found a big empty bottle in garden. I went looking after noticing that she was too drunk for the amout shed had. i feel that if i talk to her doctor she may get fired as she is still under review at work who have spoke with her doctor. if this happens she will just worry about money and things will get a lot worse. her parents aren't very supportive and she doesnt have too many friends she fully trusts.
i really really am stuck as to my options, i dont want to stress her but i want our baby to have the best chance. I am now feeling the stress and dont want our child to come into this. has anybody had similar experiences? any advice is welcome, thanks.

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