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Alcohol is EVERYWHERE!

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VitaB Sat 10-Oct-15 17:29:11

I've used an exclamation mark but rest assured, this is not something I find amusing. I'm sick and tired of alcohol being readily available everywhere I go - case in point, the cinema. Standing in the queue to buy my ticket, as I look up to see the film times, on the screen just behind pops up a list of what booze is a valuable and the prices. Incidentally, during the 12A film, there were four adverts for alcohol before the film previews came on the screen. Another example: I pop in to pay for my petrol and I'm confronted with a stand with wine on special offer. This normalisation of alcohol makes me so angry. To many people alcohol dependency is a life-threatening condition; these constant triggers - for that's what they can be - makes life more difficult than it needs to be. People without an alcohol problem can go down the booze aisle in the supermarket and buy it any time they like; those with the problem, generally choose to steer clear of this aisle… but what's the point? The 'special offers' are on the end of practically every other aisle anyway. If you agree with me I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, as I personally feel that something needs to be done about this situation.

PotteringAlong Sat 10-Oct-15 17:33:00

Well there's an obesity epidemic and no one wants to remove chocolate bars because the temptation for the obese is too much. Or the temptation for the diabetic.

For the vast majority of people they can drink with no problem at all and stop drinking / drink in moderation at will. You can't stop it because of a minority.

I think if you don't have a problem then you don't see it because alcohol simply doesn't impinge on your consciousness like that.

DiscoGoGo Sat 10-Oct-15 17:43:36

Hi OP yes you make a good point, what can be more difficult though is the drinking culture in the UK. So people pushing alcohol on you, wanting a solid explanation of why you're not having a drink, and a promise that you will drink next time, and so on.

I do find the disconnect between smoking (not mind or behaviour altering but very bad for you) and alcohol (highly addictive, cause of untold misery and expense dealing with drunkenness damage to property crime etc) and other drugs which are illegal very odd. I understand from a historical POV why it has ended up that way - but it makes very little sense at all.

Smoking advertising got banned in a lot of places didn't it - did the rules ever get tightened for alcohol? I have a feeling they did - that they aren't allowed to imply it will make you desirable or whatever.

Don't know really. I don't drink and I found the people worse than adverts & shops.

But I guess - so my weekly shop asks me to review stuff for free and a couple of weeks back is was a whole bottle of tequila - I mean saying no to that is tricky it was worth £25! Also, restaurant offers and things where they include a bottle of wine or a cocktail but not a non alcoholic equivalent. So that stuff - yes that stuff's not so good.

I would also like it if my online supermarket had "don't offer me this" options for booze (other people might like other options!), and if chocolates and puddings with booze in it was a bit more obvious (ie not just in the ingredients) so you don't buy it by accident.

That's what I think smile

lavenderhoney Sun 27-Dec-15 23:19:20

I agree- it's everywhere and why is it sold on petrol forecourts and planes?

I've noticed cigarettes are blocked so why not booze?

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