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Please help - alchoholic Brother

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biglill Tue 14-Jul-15 12:12:07

My Brother has been abusing alcohol for years but although it has bothered me I have had too much going on in my own life to be able to get involved. Now however I feel I can sit back no longer and let this ruin his life. He is only early twenties and has had a difficult year, we lost our Dad in pretty traumatic circumstances and his first child was born within a month of that happening. I hear from his partner he is worse than ever with the drinking, hiding bottles etc, the relationship is failing and he is not pulling his weight with the baby. I am really scared for him that he is going to do serious damage to himself, at the moment his partner really wants to leave with the baby as home-life is miserable for them all. He has admitted to her this week that he is suffering from depression. I really feel that if he could kick the alcohol and get help for the depression things could be great for them, this baby was very much planned and wanted, I think naively we all thought she would come along and fix things. I have promised his partner that I will try to help them so I plan to arrange to meet my Brother for an initial chat, he may not agree even to this but hopefully he will surprise me and be compliant. I will need to choose my words incredibly carefully and get the key points across early on as he could flip and leave at any time. Any advice on what I need to say or should not say is much appreciated, also is there anything I can/should take eg contact details for organisations, leaflets, info on the damage he has caused himself. Where can we get the best support? Thanks.

midnightvelvetPart2 Tue 14-Jul-15 16:23:36

Be prepared for him not to be compliant & instead get angry & refuse to admit there is a problem. I hope he's not but its a possibility.

Sad as it is you cannot make the decision for him to ask for help, he is the only one who can do that & he may not be ready to take that step, regardless of what you say to him. Talk to him yes, but don't expect him to be on board brew

biglill Thu 16-Jul-15 17:05:38

Thanks for getting back to me. I expect he probably will deny having a problem and tell me to mind my own business. This is one thing I have no control over. Thanks again for your input.

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