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Suggestions for a good book for DD-6 & DS-4 to help explain that I am adopted

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Wags Tue 06-Oct-09 14:26:09

Hi, wondered if anyone can help me. I want to start explaining to the DC that I am adopted. I was adopted at 6 weeks and have always known. I never, ever remember being told, it was just something that I grew up with and was always talked about. My favourite story book was called Mr Fairweather and his Family and it was about a family adopting children. I loved that book and obviously Mum & Dad read it to me from an early age to help talk about things. I would like my DC to know but realise that at 6 & 4 I have never mentioned it to them. Mum has searched high and low for the book (she normally keeps things like that) and can't find it. I can only find it overseas at a huge cost. Its probably less suitable now so has anyone got any up to date book suggestions that would help me explain to them. Thanks.

Kayran Tue 06-Oct-09 14:29:31

Nutmeg.... the little squirrel has all sorts of books and one is called nutmeg gets adopted. We are getting two foster daughters ready for adoption and this explains it well. Good luck

Wags Tue 06-Oct-09 15:52:56

Thanks Kayran, will have a look. When I went on Amazon there were so many I didn't know where to start. Always nice to get a recommendation. Congratulations on adopting your foster DD's, how exciting.

KristinaM Wed 07-Oct-09 09:26:32

actually i have a copy of mr fairweather and his family. smile and i agree, its not really suitable now ( if it ever was TBH). much better things out there now smile

namechange2009 Wed 07-Oct-09 13:07:37

We love Katie and the Koala

Wags Wed 07-Oct-09 14:39:07

Oh thanks for another suggestion namechange. KristinaM, agree about Mr Fairweather but it was my absolute favourite book and I don't even think it was until I was much, much older that I realised why my parents would have read it to me. I guess they must have used it pretty much from the beginning so I grew up with the story. Love the pictures in it amd so sad we haven't still got it. Some copies on line are going for over £50 shock. My brother remembers going to the court with Mum & Dad when they did all the legalities for me. The judge gave him a big boiled sweet that was too much and he has to spit it out in Mum's hanky. Thats his memory of adoption, mine is Mr Fiarweather grin

Kewcumber Wed 07-Oct-09 15:08:35

"normal" books are also a good way to start a discussion of adoption Paddington and Superman are both adopted (by the Browns and the KEnts)

A mother for Choco is also sweet but addresses adoption where children don;t look like parents more but defintiely a toddler book.

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