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Request for help from BAAF (British Association for Adoption & Fostering)

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JoannaBAAF Fri 25-Sep-09 11:03:09

Hi all,

My name is Joanna and I work at the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF). It?s so interesting to read all the discussions here about adoption, and to hear about everyone?s personal experiences of becoming mums by adoption.

Mumsnet have very kindly agreed to let me post to this Talk forum, rather than their Media forum, to ask for your help with our annual adoption campaign. National Adoption Week in November is one of our biggest awareness-raising weeks, when we work across the UK to raise the profile of adoption, recruit more adopters and talk about the realities of modern adoption.

One of the most effective ways we have of engaging the media ? and therefore with the wider public ? is for real-life adopters or those affected by adoption to the media about their experiences. The stories of real people are always the most powerful and moving.

Are there any adopters or adopted people who would be interested in talking to the press about their experiences? We would ensure that all contact would come through us, and that you would feel comfortable with any interviews they decided to give. We also give full support and advice on talking to the media. We will ensure that names can be changed or identities disguised if necessary, as we are obviously aware that this can be an issue for families affected by adoption.

We?re particularly hoping to find people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland ? but anyone from any part of the UK who wanted to talk to the media would be helping our work immensely.

If you think you know anyone who might be interested in helping BAAF, please do get in touch with me, on 020 7421 2636 or email

With best wishes,

Joanna Pinto, Fundraising, Media & Marketing Assistant
British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF)

SausageRocket Fri 25-Sep-09 11:44:28


(Bumping because MN have ok'd the post smile)

Kewcumber Fri 25-Sep-09 15:52:58

i'd be happy to but i don;t think you'll be looking for oversas adopters!

JoannaBAAF Fri 25-Sep-09 17:34:08

Hi Kewcumber - thanks so much, but we are looking for people who've adopted from the UK as BAAF doesn't deal with intercountry adoption - but I do really appreciate the offer! Sorry all, should have been clearer on that.

beemail Sun 27-Sep-09 15:18:51

Rules me out too!

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