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Can anyone send me the BAAF F1 form online?

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oinker Sun 06-Sep-09 09:41:58

I have just finished my preparation course and have been given the form to complete. Those of you who have already completed the form will understand when I say " How am I supposed to fit all the information they ask for in the spaces they provide?"

I desperately want to submit my form and want to complete it on line to then print off.

Can anyone PLEASE help...

justagirlfromedgware Sun 06-Sep-09 14:02:13

hello - I don't know anything about adoption, but I thought I'd do a little web search. It looks as if only the agency with which you are dealing can provide you with an electronic version of the form (see If you go on line there are copies available, but these are stamped with the agency's details (see e.g.

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