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Prep courses and Homevisit advice wanted

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sophiasmummy1990 Tue 21-Jul-09 19:15:47

Hi, I'm new here. We have just been to an info eve for international adoption and was wondering if anyone could tell us how long we'll have to wait to start the prep course and then how long until the home visits start.



blithedance Tue 21-Jul-09 22:25:06

Hi, welcome to MN!

I don't have international experience but these things often tend to be months rather than weeks. For us it was info eve December, prep courses the foll June (it just took ages getting CRB checks or something), home visits then started in the August for about 4 months. Many people experience more delays than that. Learn patience, you will need it grin and good luck!

AdoptionUK forums are very good for all adoption related matters and have a lot more traffic than this board.

Kewcumber Wed 22-Jul-09 10:46:49

varies enormously depending on your LA often whether they use in-house or sessional social workers. If they use ion-house social workers then you can wait a long time, those who use sessional social workers recruit them in as needed so tend to start faster.

If you are doing the prep course in Barnet then it will depend on demand how quickly you get on one but they try where possible to arrange it so that you are just starting your prep course as you start your home study.

TEJQ Thu 23-Jul-09 10:37:15


As the others have said with adoption think in terms of months rather than weeks. Also as prospective international adopters you are unlikely to be priotitised by an LA who want adopters for their children, so it would be wise at this stage to investigate several agencies and register an interest with any that you like, esp VA's. You don't actually have to commit to one agency until you make a formal application which is likely to be shortly before or after prep group.

Also research your chosen adoption country well, have some info to hand so that the SW who visits you can see you understand the complexities of international adoption.

What country are you thinking of?

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